University Student Services

Colleges and universities play a critical role in supporting students who may be struggling with an eating disorder. They recognize the importance of promoting physical and mental health among students and implement a range of resources and services to provide support and care for those affected by eating disorders.

Colleges and universities may help students with eating disorders by providing:

  • Access to mental health professionals and specialized eating disorder treatment programs.
  • Counseling centers staffed with licensed mental health professionals who have experience treating eating disorders.
  • Partnerships with local eating disorder treatment centers to ensure students have access to specialized care if needed.
  • Educational programs and workshops that provide students with information about healthy eating habits, body image, and the risks associated with eating disorders.
  • Peer support groups that provide a safe and supportive space for students to share their experiences, receive encouragement, and learn from one another.

Student Mental Health Resources at Colleges and Universities

Check out on-campus resources from our non-profit partners!

Pro-Recovery Movement

Eating Disorder Hope is pro-recovery. We invite you and your campus to join us in our efforts to promote online health, hope, and healing among college students struggling with eating disorders by joining our movement. More details at the Eating Disorder Hope Pro-Recovery Movement.

College Hope Initiative

College Hope – Inspired to build a successful eating disorder awareness and prevention program on your campus? We want to hear about it!

College Hope is a national collegiate initiative to promote eating disorder awareness and recovery on college campuses. In an effort to share ideas between schools and provide easily accessible resources for eating disorder treatment and information, we are gathering resources and counseling center information from different schools to publish here for students seeking help.

We welcome your input and applaud your spirit of collaboration to support college students struggling with eating disorders! Contact us to share your school’s eating disorder resource information.