Holistic Health & Weight Management

What is Holistic Health & Weight Management?

Woman doing yoga for Holistic HealthLearning to achieve a healthy lifestyle is accomplished through dedication, commitment, and discipline.  Holistic Health and wellness come through an intricate balance of adequate nutrition, sufficient exercise, stress management techniques, psychological wholeness, and emotional stability. While weight can be indicative of health status, there are many aspects of well-being that are reflective of physical condition and overall healthiness.

Maintaining a weight range that is appropriate for one’s stature can be an important part of disease prevention, well-being, and overall health. Achieving a healthy weight is best approached through holistic techniques that engage a person on multiple levels.  Holistic weight management offers lifestyle methods that address both body and mind, focusing on sensible strategies that encourage mindfulness, self-love, and nourishment.

The philosophy behind holistic weight management is to cultivate respect towards oneself and one’s body through adequate self-care.  This is reflected in the many techniques that are utilized to build emotional and physical health.

Aspects of Holistic Health & Weight Management

Holistic Weight Management will incorporate a variety of tactics that will encourage powerful lifestyle changes and adaptations.  Learning how to manage one’s weight within a range that is appropriate for their physique is accomplished through the combination of many approaches. These methods will focus on healing in the following areas:

  • Physical:  Holistic weight management does not solely focus on weight but analyzes all aspects of an individual’s physical health, such as current nutrition intake, use of any medications, and the presence of any disease states.
  • Emotional:  Understanding and healing from any underlying psychological issues can be helpful to a person who is looking to make peace with themselves, their body, and food.
  • Social:  Having the support of family and friends and maintaining healthy relationships can be a key part of holistic weight management.  Setting appropriate boundaries, practicing honesty, and connecting to support are all aspects needed for wellbeing.

Uses for Holistic Health & Weight Management

Holistic weight management can be appropriate for a variety of individuals and scenarios.  Many persons may find the integration of holistic weight management helpful for improving the quality of their life and may include the following:

  • Any person struggling to maintain their weight within a healthy range for their body type
  • Individuals who are unable to make peace with their bodies or food.
  • Persons suffering from chronic illnesses that may have resulted from inappropriate body weight
  • Men or women dealing with an eating disorder, such as Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder

Holistic weight management can help address a multitude of problematic issues in a wide-range of individuals.  The methods involved in holistic weight management can be resourceful and applicable to a diverse group of people.

Holistic Health & Weight Management Treatment

Enlisting the support of health care professionals who are versed and trained in holistic weight management will be essential to obtaining treatment through this approach.  Holistic weight management may involve a number of specialized professionals, including physicians, counselors/therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists, and more.

Treatment for any weight concerns should be comprehensive and involve care strategies that assist a person in fostering healing in all areas of their life rather than solely focusing on weight. A treatment center that integrates holistic weight management can be an essential part of wellness for any person who may feel overwhelmed with managing their health and weight alone.  Utilizing resources available, such as a treatment team and specialized recovery center, can play a tremendous role in health revitalization and healing.

Treatment with Holistic Weight Management

Do you or someone you love need treatment with Holistic Weight Management? Have you or a loved one struggled to maintain your weight within a range that is healthy for your body?  Have you suffered physical and emotional consequences from damaging lifestyle behaviors?  Are you tired of being at war with yourself, your body, and food?

Perhaps you may benefit from Holistic Weight Management, an innovative approach that can help you find peace, freedom, and healing from the inside out.A specialized treatment center that practices holistic weight management techniques can effectively guide you through a journey of recovery. You no longer need to live in battle with yourself on a daily basis.  There are several tools at your disposable that can help you obtain wellness, learn healthier coping mechanisms, and live your life to your fullest potential.

Treatment Plan with Holistic Health & Weight Management

Deciding to move forward with holistic weight management is a first and important step towards healing and wellness.  There are many components that will be essential to building a solid foundation for your treatment plan. This may incorporate your treatment center, health care professionals, family and friends, and support groups.

Each part of your treatment plan will play a crucial role in your journey and help you achieve successful outcomes. Your treatment plan may encompass the following factors in your treatment process:

  • Therapist/Counselor: A counselor or therapist that specializes in holistic weight management techniques will guide you effectively through the process of weight stabilization and physical wellness.  Your therapist can help you understand and work through deeper issues that may be related to difficulties you have been struggling with
  • Friends and Family: As you work diligently to find peace with yourself, food, and your body, the love, and support from those closest to you will provide much needed encouragement for persevering.
  • Holistic Weight Management Treatment Facility: A treatment center dedicated to techniques that encourage holistic weight management can supply you with all the resources you need for healing in one convenient location.
  • Support Group:  Being able to relate to other individuals who are experiencing a similar journey can offer support, accountability, and acceptance.  Becoming involved in a regular support group can also help maintain healing and recovery.

Treatment Levels for Holistic Health & Weight Management

Learning to reclaim your life, health, and well being can be achieved at varying levels of treatment, depending on the acuity of your current physical and emotional needs.  A level of care that is appropriate for your condition can be determined by a professional evaluation. These following levels of care can be utilized to promote holistic weight management:

  • Residential Treatment – The opportunity to immerse oneself in an intensive treatment program.  The patient will reside at the treatment program for a period of time where they will engage in intensive therapy, nutritional counseling, group work, exercise and behavior modification training.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – This level of care provides intensive programs over a determined course of time. These programs may focus on achieving specific outcomes, such as behavioral modifications, learning healthier ways of eating, therapy to address underlying issues or the implementation of an exercise regiment.
  • Outpatient Care – A continuum of care can be achieved in this less intensive level of treatment.  A patient can have the option to continue various services on a weekly or monthly basis, such as nutritional counseling or psychotherapy sessions.
  • Support Groups – Connecting with other individuals who understand your struggles can be an invaluable component of your recovery.  A support group can be a great place to safely voice your concerns and receive accountability you need to stay on track.

Types of Pharmacological Therapy

Your physician or psychiatrist may recommend a medication to help treat any underlying symptoms that may be present, such as depression, anxiety, or mood instability.  Your physician can also determine if any other health issues are affecting your weight, such as a hormonal imbalance, and recommend pharmacological treatments for you based on your physical assessment. As with any medication, pharmacological therapy should be completed under the guidance and care of a qualified physician who will be collaborating with the rest of your treatment team.

Types of Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapies can help ensure that the changes you are making will last a lifetime.  By addressing unresolved traumas and developing healthier coping mechanisms, you will no longer feel a desire to resort to old patterns of living. Your therapist can help you understand your thought processes and refocus your energy to holistic healing tactics, which may include the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is a therapy approach that focuses on identifying irrational patterns of thinking and behaving.  Through CBT techniques, patients can have a better understanding of how their thoughts directly impact their behaviors and emotions.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – This form of therapy helps patients identify triggers that may cause them to engage in detrimental habits.  DBT is also helpful in fostering healthier ways of coping and promoting emotional stability.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – ACT is a form of psychotherapy that encourages mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment to changes and patterns that can improve your lifestyle.
  • Supportive Programs – Support groups encourage the gathering of individuals who come together for a unified purpose, such as providing accountability and encouragement to one another.  Support group sessions can occur in a variety of settings, including in person, online, or through a teleconference.

Being insecure about your body or weight can cause you to feel inhibited in your life.  Reclaiming your health through holistic weight management can be freeing and help you embrace all that you are capable of achieving. Though you may have reached a place of insecurity and hopelessness, there is specialized care available that can assist you in reclaiming your life and fulfilling your dreams.

Your weight does not define who you are, and holistic weight management will address your needs as a whole person. At Eating Disorder Hope, we are committed to providing you with the best resources you will need to find your road to healing and recovery.