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Eating Disorder Hope Press Releases

2/27/2017 – Eating Disorder Hope Introduces New Membership & Online Forum During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Eating Disorder Hope’s new membership opportunities empower members to play an active role in the recovery community through exclusive access to online support groups, private 24/7 forums, and more!

1/30/2017 – Baxter Ekern, MBA, Named CEO of Addiction Hope & Eating Disorder HopeJacquelyn Ekern, M.S., LPC, is pleased to hand the daily operations of Addiction Hope & Eating Disorder Hope over to Baxter Ekern, MBA, as Chief Executive Officer. She will remain very active in both communities as she serves in the role of President.

1/16/2017 – Eating Disorder Hope Announces Winter 2017 Seal of Excellence Recipients: Eating Disorder Hope is proud to announce MEDA, Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, and Nikki DuBose as its Winter 2017 Seal of Excellence recipients.

11/29/2016 – Eating Disorder Hope Announced Winner of Fall 2016 Digital Health Awards: This recognition by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) designates Eating Disorder Hope as a top digital health resource for its interactive online eating disorder community.

10/03/2016 – Eating Disorder Hope Launches Seal of Excellence to recognize key contributors to the eating disorder community who go out of their way to inspire hope and healing. Founding recipients include Project HEAL, Adrienne Ressler, LMSW, CEDS, and Shannon Kopp.

7/12/2016 – Eating Disorder Hope Launches Pro-Recovery Movement with valued non-profit partners to provide a positive and interactive community for those in eating disorder recovery.

2/9/2016 – Eating Disorder Hope Announces Exciting NEDAW 2016 Events. Eating Disorder Hope is proud to be partnering with treatment centers and organizations nationwide to promote awareness and recovery during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW).

9/9/2015 – Binge Eating Disorder Forum: Eating Disorder Hope to Host Google Hangout, September 24th, 2015 at 3pm PST, with Dr. Dena Cabrera, Dr. Kim Dennis and Jessica Setnick, MS, RD

6/10/2015 – Eating Disorder Hope to Host Google Hangout on Life Saving Importance of Treating Co-Occurring Disorders in Eating Disorder and Addiction Sufferers

4/8/2015 – Eating Disorder Hope, A Leading Online Community Dedicated To Helping Those Who Struggle With Disordered Eating, Is Celebrating Their 10-Year Anniversary!

11/18/2014 – Recovering Over the Holiday Season: Eating Disorder Hope to Host TweetChat, November 20, 2014, with Brian Cuban

9/4/2012 – Eating Disorder Hope Pro-Recovery Movement Launched: A Movement Designed to Inspire Recovery and Hope Online as an Alternative to the Pro-Anorexia Sites

6/12/2012 – Eating Disorder Launches New Website

01/31/2011 – Eating Disorder Hope Launches New Eating Disorder Non Profit Directory Dedicated to Promoting Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention

11/23/2010 – Eating Disorder Hope and MyPyramid Form Partnership

10/29/2010 – Eating Disorder Hope Expands the Eating Disorder Specialist Library and Simplifies the Search for Eating Disorder Treatment

09/08/2010 – Eating Disorder Hope Gains Support for Eating Disorders Outreach from Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

06/22/2010 – Pro Ana Versus Pro Recovery Sites: New Study by Johns Hopkins and Stanford University raises concerns.

11/05/2009 – Eating Disorder Hope launches one of a kind Eating Disorder Specialist Virtual Library

08/25/2009 – Eating Disorder Hope, A New One-Stop Resource for Everything About Eating Disorders, Seeks to End Eating Disordered Behavior

Eating Disorder Hope in the News

Healthline News  Crystal Karges discusses the role of body shaming in the age of social media in this Healthline Article. (November, 2016)

KTVZ Television – Jacquelyn Ekern interviewed on KTVZ. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is approaching soon, Feb. 21-27, and one Redmond woman, Jacquelyn Ekern, has made it her mission to help curb this devastating disease. (February, 2016)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player  – Jacquelyn Ekern, founder of Eating Disorder Hope, discusses night eating syndrome and eating disorders. (October, 2015)

KBS Television,  South Korean public TV  ~ Brief clip of  television commentary and interview of Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, founder of Eating Disorder Hope discussing cultural issues and eating disorders. (September, 2013)

KBS Television,  South Korean public TV  ~ Full segment of  television commentary and interview of Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC, founder of Eating Disorder Hope and other eating disorder treatment professionals discussing cultural issues and eating disorders. Interviews in English, but large portion of segment in Korean. (September, 2013)

KTBC Channel 7 Television – Watch a television interview of Jacquelyn Ekern, founder of Eating Disorder Hope discussing the “thigh gap” obsession trending on social media. (April, 2013)

KDAF Channel 33 Television – Television interview of Jacquelyn Ekern, founder of Eating Disorder Hope and Brian Cuban (Channel 33-KDAF). Discussing eating disorders and the unique pressures our youth and college students face today. (Two brief segments) (January, 2013)

790 KABC RadioEating Disorders Today – Bikini Lifestyles “Wine Dine and Workout” on AM 790 KABC Los Angeles.  Hosts: Susan Irby The Bikini Chef and Denice Fladeboe. (September, 2012)

Fort Worth Business Press – Cyber Fight: Counselor uses website to battle eating disorders (November, 2010)

Blog Talk Radio – The Misconceptions & Treatment of Eating Disorders

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Good day!
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Andrea Durrheim

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