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Eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of sex, age, or geographic location. Increased awareness and resources for recovery can help those who are struggling with International Eating Disorder Treatment around the globe.

Lady in another part of the world working with International Eating Disorder TreatmentAs we continually strive to make these resources more available to those struggling with eating disorders worldwide, we appreciate your feedback. If you know of any beneficial international resources that are not included on this page, please contact us.


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Find international eating disorder treatment & resources available in your area:

Binge Eating Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment for the Illness Affecting More Than 350,000 In The U.K.

“‘A person who binge eats uses food as a means of coping with, or silencing, negative emotions such as anxiety or depression,’ said a spokesperson for eating disorders charity, Beat. ‘However, the feelings of guilt and shame that often follow a binge episode can make the person feel worse rather than better, and cause them to become secretive and dishonest about their eating habits.’” Read more here.

daisy-heart-flowers-flower-heart-mediumNHS chief declares war on post-natal depression and eating disorders: Dedicated centres will treat the most severely ill

“Women suffering from postnatal depression and teenagers with eating disorders are to be targeted under the biggest shake-up of NHS mental health care in a generation. NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens will today warn that a lack of care has led to ‘hundreds of thousands of lives being put on hold or ruined.’” Read more here.

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