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Australia Eating Disorder Treatment Information & Resources

Image of young ladyAustralia has shown a deep desire to address the prevalence of eating disorders worldwide through prevention efforts and increased accessibility to treatment. The country developed a proposed National Strategy on Body Image in 2009 to combat negative body talk and negative messages in the media. Through increased awareness and legislation, Australia is becoming a world leader in the field of eating disorders.

Australia’s Eating Disorder Organizations & Charities

Australia’s Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

“…‘My view is the average Australian person cannot live a lifestyle that dictates a constant, very restrictive eating regime and at the same time, a happy, social, healthy life.’” Read more here.

“One million Australians are struggling with an eating disorder, but they’re still seen as a ‘choice.’ A recovered anorexia sufferer shares her story.” Read more here.

Upcoming Events:

August 7-8: 2017 National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference. Location: Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia. Details: The theme of this year’s conference, hosted by Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, is “Eating Disorders & Obesity in the Real World – Seeking Practical Solutions.” Register Here. Contact: [email protected] (Pub/Pro)

September 1-2, 2017: ANZAED 2017 Conference Sydney. Location: Hyatt Regency Sydney, Darling Harbour. Details: “Creating Connections, Harbouring Knowledge,” featuring keynote speakers Dr. Josie Gellar and Kate Carnell, AO.
Contact: [email protected] (Pro)

woman in running shoesDiscussion:

In a 2015 article, chief executive of The Butterfly Foundation states that “…young people often experience intense body dissatisfaction by comparing themselves to others on social media.” Do you agree that social media “fitspo” contributes to body image issues in children and teens?

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