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We’re so privileged to be able to help men and women with eating disorders find information and resources. Here is some of the wonderful feedback we have received.

Jennie Schaefer (Author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me):

“I wish Eating Disorder Hope had existed when I was struggling with an eating disorder. I felt lost and like no one understood what I was going through. With just one click, Eating Disorder Hope gives people touched by eating disorders much-needed support letting them know that they are not alone, that there really is hope, and most of all that people can and do fully recover.”~ Jenni Schaefer (www.JenniSchaefer.com)

Chevese Turner (Founder of Binge Eating Disorder Association):

“The Eating Disorder Hope web site is one of the most valuable on-line tools for those who struggle with eating disorders or want to be involved to support a family member or friend. This comprehensive and well written site is one of my favorites and I refer individuals to it time and time again.”~Chevese Turner (www.bedaonline.com)

Sari Shepphird, Ph.D. (Psychologist and Author of 100 Questions and Answers about Anorexia Nervosa):

“Eating Disorder Hope is a one-stop source for the best information about eating disorders on the Internet. It is one of the most trustworthy and informative websites available today. I highly recommend Eating Disorder Hope.” ~Sari Shepphird, Ph.D. (www.drshepp.com).

Shannon Cutts (Author of Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back and Founder/Director of Mentor Connect):

Eating Disorder Hope is a fresh source of inspiration and practical information to assist sufferers, loved ones, support team members, and professionals with finding the level and type of support and resources they need quickly and efficiently…. website that is like a second home for both those who need help now and for the professionals who treat them!” ~ Shannon Cutts (www.key-to-life.com)

Nancy Berry (Sales Director of Remuda Ranch):

“Jacquelyn Ekern; Founder – Director of Eating Disorder Hope, is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. She works diligently to educate and inform individuals and professionals about eating disorders and their prevalance in our society. I would recommend everyone involved in the eating disorder industry become involved with Eating Disorder Hope. You will not be disappointed with this organization or by Jacquelyn herself. It has been my pleasure to work with Jacquelyn.”~ Nancy Berry (www.RemudaRanch.com)

Anita Johnston, Ph.D.(Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon and Director of ‘Ai Pono Eating Disorder Programs):

“Eating Disorder Hope is a guiding light for those who struggle with eating disorders. It lets them know that recovery is possible and that help is available.” ~ Anita Johnston, Ph.D.(www.DrAnitaJohnston.com)

Hannah (Friend of Eating Disorder Hope):

This site is incredible. Thank you so much for providing it. How courageous of you to use painful experiences to directly create hope. I am very impressed and especially appreciate the MP3 lecture downloads. I currently live in China and access to in person lectures and workshops is often difficult.” ~ Hannah (friend of Eating Disorder Hope)

Jeannie Rust, PhD (CEO and Founder of Mirasol):

I have found Jacquelyn to be a kind, caring, and a very sensitive person. The dedication and thoroughness she has invested in the Eating Disorder Hope website is remarkable!” ~ Jeannie Rust, PhD (www.Mirasol.net)

Becca Schwilling (Treatment Coordinator of Treatment Solutions):

“I am always confident in referring Eating Disorder Hope to our inquirers who call us regarding Eating Disorders. It is a superb resource for support, referrals and education about Eating Disorders.” ~ Becca Schwilling (www.treatmentconsultants.com)

Aimee Lui (Author of Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders):

“Eating Disorder Hope is well named, since hope is the first essential ingredient of recovery. This site supplies a wealth of information, contacts,and inspiration to help make recovery a reality.” ~ Aimee Lui (www.gainingthetruth.com)

Carla Garber, Ph.D.(Psychologist in Private Practice):

“Over the last several years, there have been countless occasions when I have been grateful for the website Eating Disorder Hope. From its very inception, I saw it provide information, resources and encouragement to individuals. Now it links thousands of sufferers, recovering individuals, families and professionals. As a professional, I am aware that any recovery oriented websites are a powerful way to reach those who still suffer. I can direct clients to this website and trust that they will receive reliable and spiritually grounded information and HOPE. I am also grateful for Jacquelyn’s Eating Disorder Hope Club Newslettter for professionals. I don’t always have time to review the latest trends, research and workshop announcements. The Hope Club newsletter brings the best and latest of these right to my attention. As evidenced by its growth, I believe Eating Disorder Hope is propelled by a powerfully healthy spirit and serves as a clearinghouse for all those who want to promote eating disorder recovery.” ~ Carla Garber, Ph.D. (Fort Worth, Texas)

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Page last updated: January 15, 2014
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