Kenya Eating Disorder Treatment Information & Resources

Rocks making a heart on the beach representing Kenya Eating Disorder TreatmentEating disorders are a global concern. There are select Kenya Eating Disorder Treatment options available along with other additional international resources. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, feel empowered to reach out for help today.

Karen Surgery is a family medical practice in Nairobi that has onsite clinical psychologists who specialize in eating disorder recovery.

The Bridge Centre Ridgeways is an addiction treatment center that also provides Kenya eating disorder treatment and any other co-occurring conditions.

Africa Mental Health Foundation, based out of Kenya, provides information and mental health resources throughout Africa.

Fighting the ‘funk:’ How one Kenyan battles her mental health problems by helping others

“According to the Africa Mental Health Foundation, there are only 79 working psychiatrists in the East African nation. That’s one for every 500,000 people. Short of training more, Wafula wanted to find a way to make mental health resources more widely available. In September 2014, Wafula launched an SMS-based helpline called ‘My Mind My Funk.’ People can text in for free from any mobile network. General inquiries get an automated response, but desperate or suicidal messages are answered with a call from a licensed therapist.” Read more here.

Kenya doctor fights mental health stigma in ‘traumatized continent’

“As Kenya’s leading psychiatrist, Frank Njenga has been championing the cause of better mental health care on the east African country and the continent for more than three decades. He’s been working tirelessly to bring quality mental health care in a country where mentally disabled people receive little help from the state and face massive stigma from society.” Read more here.


A study found that some children in rural Africa who have regular access to food exhibit disordered food behaviors in line with anorexia nervosa. Read more here. These findings in a rural part of the continent challenge the belief that eating disorders are caused by media influence and Western ideals of beauty.

namibia-254666_960_720This confirms the eating disorder community’s message that there are many variables contributing to the development of these complex mental health disorders. They are not solely the product of the media and unrealistic beauty standards, though these factors do not help.

Despite what we know about eating disorders being an international concern, most eating disorder treatment centers and organizations are found in Western regions. How can we increase awareness and access to resources in other parts of the world, such as Kenya? Comment below!