Ireland Eating Disorder Treatment Information & Resources

Woman standing on the beach with arms wide open showing freedomThere are many valuable Ireland Eating Disorder Treatment resources for those in eating disorder recovery. Bodywhys: The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland provides general information and treatment center referrals to those struggling with eating disorders and their families.

Ireland Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Lois Bridges Eating Disorders Treatment Center in Dublin offers both residential and outpatient eating disorder programs. Treatment modalities include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), interpersonal therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Eating Disorder Centre Cork (EDCC) LogoEating Disorder Centre Cork (EDCC) is an outpatient eating disorder clinic that also offers monthly support groups for loved ones of those in recovery.

Lucena Clinic Services provides mental health services to children and adolescents throughout Ireland.

Sanyford Wellness Centre LogoThe Sandyford Wellness Centre offers many resources for those struggling with eating disorders, including a 12-week CBT program and online resources.

St. Patrick’s Hospital has a comprehensive eating disorder program, offering inpatient and outpatient care at its hospital and clinics throughout Dublin.

Talbot Grove is an addiction treatment facility located in Kerry, Ireland, that also treats eating disorders and disordered eating.

Featured Article:

No treatment scheme for eating disorder sufferers

“People with eating disorders are not entitled to the same funding for treatment programmes granted to those who suffer from addictions to drugs or alcohol, the HSE has said. The revelation comes as a person with an eating disorder shared their battle to pay for treatment in a letter to the Irish Examiner.” Read more here.