Eating Disorder Help for Dartmouth

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hands-1150073_640Dartmouth College advocates for eating disorder prevention and early intervention. Through its Thriving Together Wellness Peer Support program, students trained in motivational interviewing are able to support and guide students struggling with mental health issues, including eating disorders, distorted body image, anxiety, trauma, and self-harm.

The Dartmouth Student Wellness Center on campus promotes the development of healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress and other potential eating disorder triggers common among college students.

Counseling and Human Development
2nd Floor of Dick’s House
7 Rope Ferry Road
Hanover, NH 03755Staff Nutritionist: K.C. Wright, R.D.N.Email the center at or
Call 603-646-9442 to schedule an appointment.


Student Wellness Center
6 North Main Street #6144
Robinson Hall, Suite 319
Hanover, NH 03755This facility provides resources for students to work toward intellectual, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and financial wellness.Call 603-646-9414 for more information.

Other resources available to Dartmouth students include general information on eating disorders and an online screening.

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