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Eating Disorders in the Age of Social Media

Woman using phone for social media There was a time when social media didn’t exist (I know, shocking). Eating disorders and social media were not a point of concern back when I was struggling with my eating disorder. I didn’t have social media or images of other “thinspiration” girls (thinspiration being a new slang term which refers to the glamorization of [...]
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The Dark Side of Instagram

Social media and the graphic images of eating disorders Contributor: Samantha Hicks, MA, LCPC, CADC – Director of Individual and Family Therapy at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center As definitions go, a buddy is a companion, a friend. Buddy is also frequently used as a term of affection, typically for a male child. A mother might say, “Come on, buddy, time to go to [...]
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How Technology and Social Media Influences Body Image

Social Media Words In the rapid evolution of our society today, advances in technology have dictated the course of human interactions. The way we interface with one another is largely hinged on the capacities that have developed throughout the years. Face-to-face connections are often pushed aside for text messaging, emails, and the like. What has been lost and [...]
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