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Health Anxiety: The Interplay Between the Mind and Body

African Woman Contributor: Rebecca Brumm, MA, LPC, CEDS-S – Clinical Director at Laureate Eating Disorders Program There is nothing quite like a mysterious new illness, turned pandemic, that can stir up anxiety about our health in even the most tranquil of us. Still, beyond the amplified worries of COVID-19, health anxiety, a continuous preoccupation of the state [...]
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The Importance of Nurse-Engendered Interventions to Promote Hope in Patients with Eating Disorders

Contributor: Lisa M. Sabo, BSN, RN, PMHN-BC and Anna Lybarger, BSN, RN, PMHN-BC at Princeton Center for Eating Disorders Often, individuals with eating disorders come to treatment not ready for progress – and in some cases, even feeling like they don’t deserve to recover. The eating disorder may be perceived as the only tangible thing [...]
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Integrating Spirituality and Religion into Eating Disorder Recovery

Woman worshipping and enjoying her religion Contributor: Nikki Rollo, Ph.D., LMFT, CEDS-S – National Director of Reasons Eating Disorder Center Integrating spirituality in eating disorder recovery is an essential part of any treatment model that takes a whole-person approach. Considering the totality of who you are is vital to establishing a good foundation for moving from disorder to wellness. Research shows [...]
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