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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Seeking Inpatient or Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Woman in therapy It is a big decision to enter inpatient or residential eating disorder treatment, but it can be instrumental in your healing and recovery. It is crucial to know the right questions to ask when investigating treatment programs. Here are 10 critical questions to ask to help guide you in your decision: 1. What is the [...]
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Anorexia Kills the Body, Mind and Spirit

Grave with RIP Anorexia Nervosa can easily be a death sentence. Anorexia kills the body, mind, and spirit and has the highest mortality rate of any mental health issue. It is life-threatening and saps all energy, vitality, and personality from its victims. Anorexia treatment is necessary to recover. Most sufferers from anorexia feel emotionally flat, spiritually empty and [...]
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