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Back-to-School Time and Eating Disorders

Back-to-School Contributor: Staff at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center For many students, back-to-school season is a time of hope, excitement, and optimism. For others, though, returning to the classroom is a stressful experience that can put their mental and physical health at risk. For high school and college students who are at risk for eating disorders, or [...]
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Muscle Dysphoria Among Gender Minority Populations

Frustrated Woman Muscle dysphoria can impact anyone. However, certain populations are more likely to struggle with muscle dysphoria than others. What if transgender and gender non-binary people are one of those groups? What’s Muscle Dysphoria? Muscle dysphoria is when someone believes their body is too small, particularly their muscles [1]. People with muscle dysphoria are struggling with [...]
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Integrating Eating Disorder Treatment into Dallas, Texas College Life

College students studying College life is busy. Balancing academics with social events, sports, hobbies, and student jobs is a lot. Even though it’s fun (especially in a fun city like Dallas!), juggling all these responsibilities can make it difficult to integrate eating disorder treatment into their schedule. It’s not impossible and it’s actually really important. Here’s some tips [...]
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