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Baxter is the Vice President of Ekern Enterprises, Inc. He is responsible for the operations of Eating Disorder Hope and ensuring that the website is functioning smoothly.

Teenage Boys and Body Image: Health Over Appearance

Boy struggling with Binge Eating Disorder “Boys don’t struggle with the same body image pressure that girls do.” Let’s dispel this myth right off the bat because teenage boys and body image issues are serious problems as well. To assume that an entire sex is not impacted by societal pressures to appear a specific way, particularly during the vulnerable years of adolescence, [...]
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5 Tips for Coaches to Identify Eating Disorders in Athletes

Female athlete on Balance Beam Struggling with an Eating Disorder Athletes are particularly vulnerable to developing an eating disorder. While participating in athletics can be a great way to build self-esteem and promote positive well-being, the immense pressure to compete and to win along with other risk factors can create an environment conducive to developing an eating disorder. It is important to help coaches identify [...]
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The Importance of Movement in Eating Disorder Recovery

Woman compulsively exercising Contributor: Tanya Brown, MA, NFPt-CPT – Aftercare Specialist at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center A hallmark of many eating disorders is the categorical elimination of food groups and the increase in movement or exercise. Those with anorexia frequently ban caloric and carbohydrate-intensive foods, while others with orthorexia adhere to an embargo on foods that aren’t [...]
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Transitional Living Helps Increase Chances of Recovery

Woman in DBT treatment Fairhaven Treatment Center has the opportunity to treat clients from all parts of the country. After residential treatment is no longer indicated, clients benefit from gaining independence with meal planning, going grocery shopping, and all the other tasks that support a complete recovery. This is where transitional living helps in continuing recovery. Fairhaven provides this [...]
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Self-Image and Eating Disorders

Girl with headphones Eating disorders are complex illnesses and affect a variety of people. Risk factors for eating disorders involve a range of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. But, what role does self-image and eating disorders play with each other? The interaction of these factors tends to look different for different people. For example, two people with the [...]
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How Boys are Uniquely Susceptible to Bulimia Nervosa

Males with Eating Disorders The topic of boys and bulimia and disordered eating in general isn’t talked about enough, even in the eating disorder realm. These disorders will impact at least 10 million men in their lives. Yet, research is rarely focused on this population [1]. This is especially unfortunate for boys and male adolescents, as there are certain [...]
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