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Baxter is the Vice President of Ekern Enterprises, Inc. He is responsible for the operations of Eating Disorder Hope and ensuring that the website is functioning smoothly.

Why Understanding Health at Every Size® Improves Body Image

African American Mother Kissing Her Daughter The Health At Every Size® (HAES) approach is a continuously evolving alternative to health’s conventional weight-centered approach. The conventional weight-centered approach to health emphasizes measures like weight and BMI as essential health indicators. This conventional model of health often purports weight loss, weight control, or weight management as an effective way to improve or sustain [...]
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What Providers Treat Eating Disorders?

Nature Forest with Sunlight and Moss on Ground Contributor: Staff at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center It’s difficult to know where to first seek treatment when you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder. Factors such as age, background, medical history, and the severity of the eating disorder symptoms all determine what type of treatment you may need. The process [...]
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When Eating Clean Leads to Orthorexia

Woman near waterfall practicing self-care Contributor: Staff at Carolina House Many people have started to turn to clean eating to lose weight or get healthier. But for some people, eating clean can actually put them at an increased risk for developing certain eating disorders, like orthorexia. As a purportedly more nutritious way to eat, clean eating has cropped up all [...]
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Getting the Most out of Therapy in Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder therapy can be an extremely rewarding process. Therapy can lead to life-altering changes and results. Therapy is an integral part of eating disorder recovery since eating disorders are often an attempt to cope with unresolved mental health issues, trauma, or repressed emotions [1]. Sorting through these issues can help protect someone’s recovery and [...]
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Disordered Eating Across the Lifespan

Asian American Woman in Wheat Field Contributor: Staff at Carolina House It is no surprise that women from all backgrounds may go through a period of disordered eating and body dissatisfaction at some point in their life. Historically, therapists have been aware of disordered eating among adolescents and young adults, but now clinicians are facing increased instances of disordered eating among [...]
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Unique Considerations of Seeking Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in the Military

Balanced meal set on the dinner table In this series’s first two articles, we explored the unique aspects of military members’ experiences related to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa development and treatment. This final installment will focus on Binge Eating Disorder (BED). The previous articles explored the challenging emphasis on power, control, and perfection in the military subculture as well as how [...]
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Unique Considerations of Seeking Anorexia Treatment in the Military

Woman soldier in the military According to the National Guard Association of the United States, Eating disorder diagnoses among military members have risen 26% over five years (1). The military and anorexia have a complicated relationship. Military personnel undergo unique life experiences that can make them more vulnerable to these disorders. In this 3-part series, we will examine how military [...]
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Eating Disorder Recovery Apps

Happy woman using a tablet outdoors Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses affecting at least 30 million people in the US alone [1]. Recovering from an eating disorder, though possible for anyone, can be challenging and takes hard work, accountability, and support. But thanks to modern technology, there are numerous eating disorder recovery apps available to help you on your journey. [...]
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Exposure-Response Therapy and Eating Disorder Treatment

Asian Woman in Yellow Field Many people with eating disorders have anxiety about food or food-related situations, such as eating in restaurants or around friends [1]. Fear foods are a common barrier for people with eating disorders and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or Exposure-Response Therapy) can help reduce reactions to them. Fear foods are foods that cause a significant [...]
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