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Thigh Gap: The New Body Obsession

Contributed by Amy M. Klimek, MA, LCPC, Director of Program Development, Eating Disorder Program Coordinator, Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center Body checking has long been an obsession of those with an eating disorder. In fact, it is such a common behavior for those who are weight-obsessed that they often do not even know they are doing [...]
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Anorexia and Relationship Issues

Husband holding his wife and Think My Loved One Has an Eating Disorder What are some of the unique anorexia and relationship issues that anorexia sufferers experience in relationships with lovers, family, and friends? Sharing a smile seems simple enough, right? You tell a joke at the dinner table, laugh with a friend about something completely ridiculous or express how much you care about a loved one. At [...]
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