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About Samantha Bothwell, LMFT

Samantha Bothwell, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, writer, explorer, and lipstick aficionado. She became a therapist after doing her own healing work so she could become whole after spending many years living with her mind and body disconnected. She has focused her clinical work to support the healing process of survivors of sexual violence and eating disorders. She is passionate about guiding people in their return to their truest Self so they can live their most authentic, peaceful life.

Muscle Dysphoria Among Gender Minority Populations

Frustrated Woman Muscle dysphoria can impact anyone. However, certain populations are more likely to struggle with muscle dysphoria than others. What if transgender and gender non-binary people are one of those groups? What’s Muscle Dysphoria? Muscle dysphoria is when someone believes their body is too small, particularly their muscles [1]. People with muscle dysphoria are struggling with [...]
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