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Get Involved: Raise Awareness of Eating Disorders


It is important to take action to resolve an eating disorder, as unfortunately, it will not go away by itself.  Also, many find inspiration and healing by attending events focused on recovery and / or joining organizations that promote eating disorder awareness and prevention.  It can be empowering to become part of the solution and even help others, as you help yourself or a loved one find recovery from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Events

A growing number of events, seminars, and conferences on eating disorders keep popping up across the country. Eating Disorder Hope maintains an up-to-date directory listing of all the ones we know about – which are quite a few. Many functions occur on university  and community college campuses, hospitals and hotels across the nation. These events are integral part of unifying the eating disorder treatment community and sufferers into a united front fighting for the awareness, prevention and treatment of eating disorders.  We hope to see you at one!

Visit the Eating Disorders Events Directory.

Eating Disorder Organizations & Non-Profits

There are a number of national and highly respected eating disorders organizations out there. And many smaller non-profits and foundations for eating disorders; which while less-known, are nevertheless fantastic local and regional resources in providing help for eating disorders. We’ve compiled a list of all the ones we can find, to help you locate one in your area.

View the Eating Disorder Organization & Non-Profit Directory listings.

Eating Disorder Research Studies for Treatment Advancement

The more we learn about the origins, causes, and new treatment considerations for eating disorders, the better we can help all the men and women with eating disorders. To this end, Eating Disorder Hope maintains a list of eating disorder treatment studies (short-term and long-term), questionnaires, and other research by qualified professionals that members of the public can participate in.

View all of the current eating disorder studies.

Eating Disorders Advocacy

There are many dedicated individuals and groups who promote eating disorder awareness, prevention and treatment.  These advocacy organizations are comprised of outstanding people who care deeply about the plight of those suffering from eating disorders and those susceptible to developing disordered eating and body image concerns.  These groups passionately believe in positive change. The change they seek may be implemented by advocating for the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority or by supporting legislation to increase insurance coverage of eating disorders, as the national Eating Disorders Coalition does so well.  Members of this organization attend Lobby Days on Capitol Hill where they work to inform legislators and educate members of Congress of the importance of eating disorder awareness and prevention. It may be the National Eating Disorders Association Star Program fighting for early intervention and prevention of eating disorders, seeking funding for important research in the field, and building partnerships with like-minded organizations.  Or it may be a local group, like the Eating Disorder Advocates of Ohio who work to increase the recognition of eating disorders a top priority in Ohio. You can help promote positive change by becoming involved in one of the many advocacy groups available nationwide, joining in a lobby day, or even by writing your own letter to congress.  Your participation in the advocacy for Eating Disorders will play a significant role in the lives of men and women who are fighting for treatment and for their lives, and you might even develop some supportive friendships along the way. Becoming part of the solution is bound to strengthen your own recovery process or add much needed hope to the lives of those supporting someone with an eating disorder.

Last Updated & Reviewed By: Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC on
January 31, 2014
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Merilee August 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

My daughter died of this illness. I am creating some pillows, ToteBags and phone cases With her arti designs. I wondered if there is a possibility that they could be used to raise funds for scholarships . Merilee Tutcik

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My daughter also died of this disease at 17. I would be very interested in your precious daughter’s art and think it would be wonderful as I won a scholarship to go the the “MOM” March here in a few weeks. A scholarship is so humbling and it’s such an incredible opportunity to be your precious babies voice for them ? For the love of Katie Zengel 10/1/97/3/13/15…until I see you again my love❤️??

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