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The Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) is a nonprofit organization that provides early detection, education, and recovery assistance to prevent and treat eating disorders. MEDA is a regional and national support network and resource for clinicians, educators, and the general public. MEDA takes a three-pronged approach to diminishing the pervasiveness of eating disorders, uniquely offering a combination of education, prevention, and treatment. It provides education through professional training and scholastic teaching, recovery, and treatment through assessments, referrals, and support group sessions, and prevention through academic and public education. Based in Newton, MA and established in 1994, MEDA is a critically necessary organization that annually serves thousands of people from across the nation.

Assessment and Treatment: MEDA’s assessment process is fast, thorough, and inexpensive, and consists of a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plan, and referrals, if applicable. MEDA offers phone consultations for clients located across the nation. In Massachusetts, MEDA offers a number of weekly support groups that are appropriate for people of different ages and with different diagnoses. In addition, MEDA provides one-hour coaching sessions for family and friends of those with eating disorders, which provide education and guidance on how to connect with services and centers that provide eating disorder treatment.

Professional Training, Networking, and Education: MEDA enables professionals to learn from experts in the field while building networks of peers. Quarterly meetings bring guest speakers who address issues of importance. MEDA’s annual conference enables professionals to learn more about new and innovative approaches to the treatment of eating disorders while earning continuing education units.

Prevention: MEDA’s eating disorder education curriculum, implemented within public and private schools, as well as colleges and universities around New England, is the anchor of its prevention program. The program offers educational and clinical presentations on topics related to eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem.

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