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Election Update: Body Image & The Effects of Double Standards

American Flag Contributor: Courtney Howard, B.A., Director of Operations & Business Development at Eating Disorder Hope and Addiction Hope. Looks have played a large role in politics ever since the first televised presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. The way candidates present themselves can sway voters, especially today when candidates regularly guest on late night [...]
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How Cyber Bullying Can Impact Eating Disorder Sufferers on College Campuses

Cyberbullying Contributor: Dr. SooMi Lee Samuel, MD, MA, Medical Director for Timberline Knolls There are many influential stressors that may trigger the development of an eating disorder, including both biological and environmental factors. For the college student who may be biologically predisposed to developing an eating disorder, the transition to college can be a tremendous undertaking. [...]
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