The Intuitive Eating Journal Card Deck

The Intuitive Eating Card Deck

About This Book

50 Bite-Sized Ways to Make Peace with Food

Based on the popular “anti-diet” program, Intuitive Eating, this take-anywhere card deck offers 50 bite-sized tips and tools to help you honor your hunger, reject diet mentality, and make peace with food.

Are you tired of fad diets that don’t work and leave you feeling bad about yourself—and mealtime in general? You aren’t alone. In our image-obsessed culture, it’s easy to get caught up in a “diet mentality,” and stuck in a constant cycle of guilt and deprivation. As a result, many of us have forgotten how to really enjoy food. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Grounded in the same evidence-based approach outlined in the breakthrough guide, Intuitive Eating, as well as The Intuitive Eating Workbook, this portable and uplifting card deck offers daily strategies and affirmations to help you pay attention to natural cues of hunger and satisfaction, so you can stop worrying about calories and really savor your food. Organized by the ten principles of intuitive eating, the cards also feature simple, in-the-moment exercises you can use on the go to help you challenge common misconceptions about food and your body, identify and balance your emotions, and—most importantly—stop feeling so distressed at mealtime.

If you’re ready to move beyond dieting and start building a better relationship with food—and yourself—this card deck will help you, one day at a time. Keep the cards next to the fridge, on your work desk, or even in your car for gentle reminders, positive reinforcement, and meal-by-meal support—anytime and anywhere.