Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

Group of women working on mental healthOur mental health is reflected in our psychological, social, and emotional state of being.  Our ability to lead a productive and meaningful life typically demonstrates emotional health.  Whereas, anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts are examples of signs that our mental and emotional health may be strained.

Everyone has up and down days.  That is normal.  But, when a disturbing emotional or psychological state is fairly normal for you, it may be wise to consider avenues to gain emotional support and therapeutic guidance.

Possible Signs & Symptoms of Mental Illness

Ongoing Sadness or Depression
Continual Anxiety and Fear
Inability to Concentrate
Decreased Sex Drive
Difficulty Sleeping
Social Isolation
Suicidal Thoughts
Dramatically Shifting Moods

Signs of Good Mental Well-being

Psychological Well-being
Social Well-being
Emotional Well-being
Effectively Coping with the Ups & Downs of Life

Types of Mental Health Disorders

Asian American Woman in Wheat FieldADHD
Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Schizoaffective disorder

Resources for Support

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

American Psychiatric Association (APA)


Toward A New Definition of Emotional Health
In a nutshell, The World Health Organization (WHO) & The World Psychology Journal define mental health as the ability to cope effectively, to have reasonable self-confidence, and to work and contribute to society.