SPEAK GW Image - Back - 2-15-16Students Promoting Eating Disorder Awareness and Knowledge at The George Washington University (SPEAK GW) is a movement at GW to eradicate stigma on campus, spread awareness of eating disorders and educate the campus community about eating disorders.

We believe that speaking up saves lives, and that empowering college students to SPEAK up about eating disorders can–and will–have a profound impact on our community and others across the country.

SPEAK GW began in the spring of 2013, but unfortunately did not renew its organization status for the fall. In the fall of that same year, Laura Porter—a sophomore—realized the lack of resources available to students struggling with eating disorders.

After connecting with members of the administration, she re-launched SPEAK with the goal of spreading awareness, education and support to those struggling. At the time, Laura never could have imagined the broad impact SPEAK has had both on the GW and larger eating disorder community.

Speak - Light the Night - 2-15-16Today, SPEAK has over 100 members who are students–men and women– passionately advocating for increased awareness and education of eating disorders, providing resources to those struggling and ensuring everyone gets the help they need. All of our lives are affected by eating disorders–everybody knows somebody. SPEAK members work to ensure that no one is afraid to speak up, to share his or her story and to find support in our community.

We are spreading the word, and we want you to help! Connect with us to learn how you can help create a community of compassion and understanding on your campus, where no one is afraid to SPEAK.

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Check out the Eating Disorder Hope Google Hangout Video of Jocelyn Jacoby, Freddi Marsillo and Greg Rheault of SPEAK GW.