Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Changing with the Times!

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Contributor: Samantha Read at Eating Disorder Solutions

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show has always received a large following with the beautiful women who walk the catwalk. However, in recent years, many individuals have condemned the restrictive lifestyles these women must endure to achieve a very unrealistic idea of “thinness and beauty” that perpetuates the low self-worth of individuals who do not look the same.

This year, the show has been canceled, and many wonder why? Victoria Secret has always been known to have the “skinniest” models walking the runway, but now in 2019 people want to see more than just skinny. Victoria’s Secret is being forced to adapt to the ever-changing concept that all bodies are beautiful with the new body-positive movement.

First, I want to say that this “trend” or “movement” needs to stay! Body acceptance should not be seen as a trend, but rather a way to live a happy, healthy life. According to Victoria’s Secret Angel, Shanina Shaik, the company is “Trying to work on branding and new ways to do the show.” The backlash and reactions of this decision have been widespread, but for the most part, people see this as a positive step in the encompassing “trend” of body acceptance.

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This movement started with accepting bodies that are deemed as “larger” or not the usual, 0-4, size. That being said, women in the size 0-4 category are now often automatically body shamed or judged.

I say this with doubts, as I feel many individuals may think, “Poor them. Must be hard”. But again, preaching body acceptance means accepting ALL bodies.

Although Victoria’s Secret fashion show was canceled in order to adapt to the ever-changing concept of beauty, the women who previously walked in the show cannot be deemed as unattractive just because the balance of beauty has been shifted. In order for the body positivity movement to be accepted, ALL body types, sizes 00-20+, must be accepted for what they are.

Each individual is fighting a battle. Some may be struggling to lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight, or just be comfortable in his or her own skin. This concept of trying to achieve this “ideal weight” often results in disordered eating or an eating disorder.

Woman battling Longstanding AnorexiaWeight and size have been a symbol of beauty for so long that it is up to us to end this definition of beauty in relation to size, shape, and/or weight.

The women who walk in the fashion show are very successful women, not just because they look a certain way, but also because they have worked hard to climb their way up to the top of their profession.

Many people work hard in life, and sadly, people who live in larger bodies are often not given the same opportunity due to the stigma that weight correlates to dedication or work ethic. It is time to stop defining people by their size and focus on all of the other aspects that make us BEAUTIFUL people.

I believe Victoria’s Secret new branding is due to the fact that we, as a society, are tired of seeing one body type as beautiful. I hope this change, not just with the VS fashion show, but “trend” in body acceptance will help younger generations develop self-confidence and self-worth outside of physical appearance.

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