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Eating Disorder Recovery Dealing with Self Harm and Shame

Woman upset with her dental issues during eating disorder Self-harm and shame tend to go hand-in-hand for many individuals who also have an eating disorder. Self-injury can be described as hurting oneself on purpose and deliberately. Individuals self-harm for various reasons, but often to reduce emotional pain of a past or current trauma, unwanted negative thoughts that are common with an underlying mental illness [...]
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The Many Different Roles of Shame in Eating Disorders

Man struggling with an Eating Disorder, Anxiety & Addiction Shame is generally viewed as an emotion of self-comparison. As Theodore Roosevelt famously stated, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and this is certainly true of shame in eating disorders as well. More broadly defined, shame “involves a fear or expectation of eliciting disgust in others (and)…is experienced when one perceives oneself to be judged [...]
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