ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health

The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders by Denver Health is the only dedicated medical stabilization program in the country with the resources, environment and experience to treat the most severe cases of eating disorders. ACUTE offers 24/7 direct hospital transfer, urgent air ambulance and is covered under the medical insurance benefit.

ACUTE is a Medical Center of Excellence housed on a dedicated unit at Denver Health Medical Center, a premier med-surgical hospital, where patients benefit from the extensive support of a major medical hospital while receiving specialized care from ACUTE’s team of experienced multi-disciplinary professionals who specialize in providing life-saving eating disorder treatment and are pioneers in offering research and education in the field.

ACUTE’s goal is to smoothly transition patients, once they are medically stabilized, into or back to eating disorder treatment programs that lead to lasting recovery.

ACUTE Highlights: Expert medical treatment; Private patient rooms on a dedicated medical unit; Highly individualized treatment planning. One to one support 24/7 provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant or Behavioral Health Technician; Admission criteria include: All genders, ages 15 and older; Less than 70% of their Ideal Body Weight (IBW) or Body Mass Index (BMI) below 14; Medical complications associated with anorexia, bulimia or severe malnutrition (electrolyte imbalance, organ failure, previous bouts of refeeding syndrome, etc.); Need to “detox” from purging mechanism (laxative or diuretic abuse) without the medical complications that typically occur with cessation.

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders is an Honorary Patron of Eating Disorder Hope – Helping to make our work possible!

Eating Disorder Solutions Treatment:
Expert Medical Stabilization (covered under the medical insurance benefit)

Patient Types Served:
Adults / Adolescents Ages 15+
Male & Female

Multi-disciplinary team of experts meets with the patient 5 days per week to provide individualized treatment

Accepted, in-network with most providers
Financing Options Available

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders