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By Their Side: A Resource for Caretakers and Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder

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By Their Side: A Resource for Caretakers and Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder


  • By Their Side is one of the most significant books on the market today for anyone who loves someone struggling with an eating disorder. Used in support groups, within families, in therapy and read modularly depending on where one is in their journey. The first-hand testimonials, technical knowledge, science, and actionable guidance will serve as a lifeline.
  • This intelligent book of hope includes new, up-to-date information from the fields of education and science, with recommended suggestions for healing as well as instructional information, personal diary entries, experienced suggestions, testimonials, innovative thoughts, professional advice from fifteen specialists, and many resources. What makes By Their Side unique is that you will hear from children who have recovered from an eating disorder and speak directly to caretakers. You will read sibling-to-sibling interactions; you will hear from other parents who are steps ahead of you in the process, as well as from professionals in the field, and you will learn from new research regarding eating disorders. This is a book of hope and healing.
  • In this intelligent book of hope, you will learn how to best support your loved ones and yourself during the treacherous fight to find healing beyond an eating disorder. So, whether you are a mom, dad, sibling, friend, mentor, partner, or family member, this book is for you. By Their Side is full of important, insightful, and life-changing information caretakers should know about eating disorders as they continue to learn about themselves and their loved one who is struggling.

Please listen to this interview with a mother and daughter who contributed to By Their Side.


Working by Their Side: A Guided Journal for Caretakers of Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder

  • The companion piece follows along with each chapter of its main book as a guided journal creating sections for discovery and learning and helping both the reader and their loved one deal with the complexities of an eating disorder. This hands-on tool is designed to personalize the healing process through prompts, educational components, self-reflection, and learned coping skills.
  • The accompanying workbook is a guided journal that will enhance your education by providing opportunities to answer questions, record thoughts, explore uncertainties, and take notes as you continue to learn about being a caretaker for a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder. The companion is not just freehand journaling; it is designed to answer specific questions posed throughout this book. Working by Their Side follows By Their Side chapter by chapter, prompting us with reflective questions and enhancing our knowledge of the topics discussed in this book.
  • This companion piece to By Their Side was conceived as a study guide to help you, the reader, further your education by answering questions, dictating thoughts, recording uncertainties, and taking notes as you learn about your role as a caretaker to a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. The questions and prompts are taken directly from the main book intended to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the complexities of an eating disorder as well as a deeper awareness of yourself and your loved ones. This will help you decipher, identify, and manage your discomfort along your journey.

Learn more about Miki Johnston, LCSW-S featured here

By Their Side and the accompanying workbook, Working by Their Side are viable crisis management tools

Eating Disorders are isolating, and families of loved ones facing an eating disorder are struggling, especially now with social distancing and quarantine measures in place due to the COVID-19 virus. Support through this difficult time is critical.

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Lara Lyn Bell represents the collective voice of forty+ contributors who speak in one powerful voice. The solidarity focuses on commonalities and shared experience so no one ever feels alone. The collective authorship model encourages readers to examine their own experience with or in relation to eating disorders. Within the testimonies included, they can connect with the struggles and successes of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, extended family, friends, and recovered advocates.

You are Lara Lyn Bell. We are all Lara Lyn Bell. Our lives are mirrored as you connect with familiar struggles and successes from other caretakers and fully recovered loved ones who share how they felt with an eating disorder and how they ultimately healed. This is not just another person’s story. It is your story; it is all of our stories, and it will likely feel familiar.