Dealing with Relationships Effectively In Recovery From Eating Disorders & Addictions

Friends giving each other support in their relationships

Relationships – ”can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em.” We find our deepest joy and fulfillment often in connecting meaningfully with others. Yet, the same folks we bond deeply with and find happiness in their presence, also can cause us pain and suffering. What to do?

Here are some ideas to consider to create more fulfilling, supportive, and loving relationships with those in our inner circle. These are 5 essential relationship tips to help you create deeper friendships and closer family relationships:

1. Accept Others & Offer Unconditional Positive Regard
Carl Rodgers is to thank for his wise advice to fully accept and love another in their essence. Offering empathy and understanding of another’s way of being provides the framework for relationships to develop. Refraining from judging our friend or loved one allows them to share their true self with us. It is by fully seeing and accepting another person that we experience intimacy and emotional connectedness.

2. Listen & active listening
We all long to be heard, and very few people actually put their own filters and agenda aside to fully listen to us. When we offer another truly active listening, they feel heard, understood, respected, and validated. We give a tremendous gift to another when we honor and accept all that makes up their unique personhood.

3. Forgive and let go
We all are imperfect and growing. So, we might as well forgive others as we are also flawed and fallible as humans, too. If we allow others to make mistakes, and sometimes screw up royally, and still allow them compassion and understanding…we then grow in our own self-regard and capacity to find a meaningful connection with others even in a troubled world.

4. Communicate what you need and want from the relationship
If we askfor what we need, we are more likelyy to get it. Simple fact. Issues arise around our fears about asking to have our needs met and then the other rejecting us or telling us they cannot meet our needs. This may happen, but by asking, we also open the door for more fulfillment in our relationships.

5. Enjoy the here and now fully and be present
Our friends and loved ones need us to be with them and not distracted by phones, other issues, mind tripping overwork, etc. It is an enormous gift to our fellow human beings when we are present, look them in the eye with openness and curiosity about what they have to share about their experience of being in their skin. Go ahead, give them your 100% attention and watch them love it and gravitate toward you.


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