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Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass Image 128x144 -9-1-15Laurie Glass has a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, runs Freedom from Eating Disorders at, and is the author of a number of e-books on the topic of eating disorder recovery. She also offers the Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course, sets of note cards with verses and quotes on relevant eating disorder topics, and much more. Creating faith-based resources for those with eating disorders is her heart work. Laurie is a recovered anorexic, so she understands how difficult the recovery process is. Here are some of the things she learned through her own journey.

Accept Appearance

I remember wishing I could choose where the weight would and would not go. I had to let go of unrealistic expectations about how I should look. My idea of the perfect body was keeping me bound to anorexia. It helped me a great deal to repeat the Serenity Prayer while I accepted my appearance.

Release Inner Pain

Not only did I need to address what was on the outside, but also what was on the inside. The eating disorder began at a time when I had deep and painful emotions I was afraid to release. I feared I would lose complete control of my feelings. However, I knew I had to allow them to surface. The anorexic behaviors seemed to provide a distraction for me to ignore the deeper issues. Through a long and grueling process, I spent countless hours writing in my journal and praying in order to purge my heart of the hurt, disappointments, confusion, and anger that held me hostage. Over time, I saw things from a different perspective, received God’s healing touch, and gained hope for the future.

Let Go of Guilt and Shame

Some of the pages in my journal and some of the candid conversations with the Lord involved how I felt about myself. My overwhelming sense of remorse and embarrassment over how I treated my body made it difficult for me to approach God about the matter. But I knew I couldn’t recover on my own. When I finally mustered up the courage to speak with Him about it, I found Him waiting with love and assurance as He offered His strength. This enabled me to begin letting go of the guilt and shame and begin to step away from the eating disorder.

Experience Grace

After I began to let go of the guilt and shame, I could sense God’s strength even more. I was amazed at how loving the Lord was as I spoke with Him about the self-destructive behaviors I practiced. I knew that I was harming the body He gave me. Yet when I went to Him with a contrite heart and received His strength, I felt overwhelmed that He would bless me with help I didn’t feel I deserved. My recovery is a picture of His grace.

Replace Lies With The Truth

With the lines of communication open, I sought the Lord for His direction, and He led me to Rom. 12:2 to show me I needed to change my thoughts. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.I needed to replace dreadful lies with hope-filled truth. For too long I believed the lies that I was fat, eating more would cause me to lose complete control of my eating and my weight, and that freedom from anorexia wasn’t possible. Therefore, I wrote on note cards various scriptures, encouraging words God had spoken to me regarding the eating disorder, inspirational quotes, and other practical, truthful statements about my appearance. Reviewing these cards of truth was vital in vanquishing the lies.


One of the verses I wrote down on a note card was vital in finding my freedom from anorexia. I clung to Phil. 4:13, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.Knowing this was beyond my capability, I looked to the One who was always there, knew me better than anyone, and who I trusted would see me through this difficult process. When I didn’t feel I could take another step, I turned to the Lord for the nudge I needed to continue moving forward. He was always there.These are some of the lessons I learned while fighting to break free of a life that was slowly destroying me. Not only that, but I also find these truths help me as I face other situations in my life. I hope they also help you.


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