Maintaining Structure and Supporting Recovery During Summer Vacation

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Contributor: Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC Special Projects Coordinator at Eating Disorder Hope/Addiction Hope

Summer vacation is something that we often look forward to every year, as this season signifies a break from the normal routine that is usually followed. Whether in school or working, many individuals utilize the summer season as a time for travel, taking vacations, enjoying an extended holiday, and more.

When in recovery from an eating disorder, any disruption in a typical schedule can be triggering, particularly if not planning ahead.

Understanding How Schedule Changes Impact Recovery

Implementing and maintain a consistent schedule is critical for success in recovery. This allows for important aspects, such as following a meal plan, getting adequate rest, staying involved with therapy/support, and more.

Lack of or change in structure can make it more difficult to follow through with many of the components that are essential to staying in recovery. In order to avoid disruption in your normal routine, it is necessary to adapt a framework for your summer vacation that will help you maintain your recovery efforts.

Planning for Success While Remaining Flexible

Depending on where you might be in your recovery journey will determine the type of structure that is needed in your daily routine. Consider having a discussion about this with your therapist, counselor, and/or treatment team to determine what boundaries you may need to set for yourself to ensure that you are doing what is best for you while in recovery.

Eating Disorder Recovery Specialist's kitchen with two women speaking.Having structure does not mean that you are unable to relax, have fun, or do things outside your normal routine. You can continue to have flexibility within the framework of your schedule.

Even when on summer vacation, traveling, etc. it is necessary to maintain the core aspects of your recovery, such as consistent meal times, self-care/quiet time, and support.

These components can be implemented in many different locations and settings with adequate planning and preparation. Involve your treatment team with any abrupt changes in your normal schedule for added support and assistance with planning ahead for success.

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