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Westwind Counselling and Eating Disorder Recovery Centre

1605 Victoria Ave, Brandon Manitoba Canada, R7A 1C1
[email protected], 888-353-3372

Westwind Counselling and Eating Disorder Recovery Centre in Brandon MB offers residential and online programs.

Westwind Counselling and Eating Disorder Recovery Centre is unique and unlike any other counselling facility. We specialize in the treatment of eating disorders through our residential programs in Kelowna BC and Brandon MB.

Your individualized treatment experience will include a personalized treatment plan with a supportive and collaborative approach. Our caring and experienced staff practice evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and nutritional counselling. Westwind also addresses comorbid issues such body image, anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviors in conjunction with recovery from the eating disorder. Treatment includes daily individual counselling sessions, group therapy, and meal support.

Westwind also offers an online treatment program so you can access support anywhere in the world.

Our aim is to help our clients gain healing and a sense of empowerment, so they can have confidence maintaining healthy changes outside of treatment. Achieve a mindful and intuitive relationship with eating and activity, and gain peace and acceptance with your body.

Westwind is committed to promoting mindful eating, body acceptance and emotional wellness to individuals around the world!