Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders book cover

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders

About This Book

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders delivers a proven treatment model for clinicians in all orientations. This unique, hands-on clinical guide examines the significant relationship between trauma, dissociation, and eating disorders and delivers a trauma-informed phase model that facilitates the effective treatment of individuals with all forms of eating disorders.

The Susan Kleinman’s chapter titled: Discovering the Power of Movement: Dance/Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders and Trauma brilliantly addresses the disembodiment experience of most eating disorder sufferers. It delves into the fascinating dichotomy of individuals obsessed with their bodies yet detached from actually experiencing living in their bodies. This profound absence of a grounded sense of being in eating disorder sufferers is difficult, if not impossible, to address simply through talk therapy. Susan’s groundbreaking work in dance/ movement therapy has enabled countless sufferers of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder to meaningfully reconnect with their bodies.

Susan’s exploration of the intuitive therapeutic alliance through the concepts rhythmic synchrony, kinesthetic awareness, and kinesthetic empathy are easily understandable and applicable for dance movement therapists and all clinicians. Experiencing Susan’s unique insights into dance/movement therapy will leave you more congruent, authentic and embodied in your therapeutic work. A must read for all clinicians seeking to better understand embodiment and integration of feelings into the physical experience.