Does Every Woman Have An Eating Disorder?

About This Book

Most women do not suffer from a clinical eating disorder, yet so many have an unhealthy relationship with food and measure their self-worth by dress size or the number on a scale. From an early age, women are bombarded with messages about what to eat and how their bodies should look. Eating disorders expert Stacey Rosenfeld, PhD examines the cultural factors pressuring women to be body-obsessed and proposes a radical alternative: lose the diet, love your body, and eat in peace. Throw away your scale. Eat when you are hungry. Exercise for fun. What would your life be like without a fixation on weight? In this book, Dr. Rosenfeld shows the countless ways our culture encourages food issues and disordered behavior in women and girls. She explores our nation’s unhealthy weight obsession and outlines practical steps you can take to feel good about your body at any size.