Georgia Eating Disorder Therapists, Counselors & Specialists

Eating Disorder Hope has put together a list of Georgia eating disorder therapists into a single directory.

Specialists who treat bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, orthorexia, or other forms of disordered eating in their practice include:

  • Eating disorder therapists (also known as eating disorder counselors, or eating disorder psychologists) : Provide regular therapy sessions and may practice more specific forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), family-based therapy, or other proven treatments for eating disorders. An eating disorder therapist may also treat co-occurring disorders in their practice.
  • Registered dietitians : Create and maintain a balanced meal plan, and take part in Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Eating disorder psychiatrists : Prescribe medications and manage drug therapy
  • Physicians who specialize in treating eating disorders : Oversee core medical complications that arise from eating disorders (such as heart palpitations, muscle atrophy, chronic migraines, etc.)

Men and women with eating disorders typically create a dedicated treatment team made of an eating disorder counselor, a dietitian, psychiatrist, and physician. This level of comprehensive treatment has been proven to be the most successful method of fighting and recovering from an eating disorder.

Our specialist directory of eating disorder counselors is organized to quickly tell you:

  • Name, Location & Contact Information
  • Treatment Setting : Whether the therapist or counselor conducts individual, couples, family, or group therapy sessions
  • Types of Patients Served : Adolescents and / or Adults, Men and / or Women
  • Therapies available : The core eating disorder therapies the practitioner uses; CBT, Medical Nutrition Therapy, DBT, etc.

Eating Disorder Therapists & Specialists in GA

Name / InfoTreatment SettingPatient Types ServedTherapies Available
Melissa Lester Olson, LCSW
621 North Avenue, NE, Building E
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Phone: 770-313-7768
Email: [email protected]
Website: Melissa Lester Olson, LCSW
Individual Private PracticeAdults
Female Only
Psychodynamic, Trauma Resolution, Hypnosis, EFT, Tapping, Progressive Counting, Body Focused Meditation

Premier Eating Disorder Therapists

Melissa Lester Olson, LCSW

Melissa Lester Olson ImageAs you likely know by now, issues related to food, eating, body image and weight are rarely about the food. They are, in fact, about everything else. Combining psychodynamic talk therapy with body-focused and neurological processing techniques, healing and wholeness is possible.

If you are a woman, age 18+, who is ready to do the deeper work around resolving your struggles with food, eating, body image and weight, I want you to know that it is work. I also want you to know that it is doable, and that it is always worth it.

As a byproduct of my own diverse upbringing, I am committed to working with women of all ages, races, body sizes, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds, geographic origins, religions, marital and motherhood status, and socioeconomic status.

Finally, because not everyone can afford therapy, I have formed Tap Into Community/Tapping Works 501c3, to share EFT Tapping with the widest and most diverse audience possible. Because everyone deserves relief.

[email protected]