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Image of people sitting in a groupThe mission of Galen Hope is to profoundly impact the lives of those who experience mental health conditions. We achieve this by providing attuned, meaningful, and compassionate care in an environment that honors each person’s individual experiences and needs while simultaneously building a sense of connection and belonging. Our goal is to build community and hope, while helping our clients discover their individual passions and manifest their innate potential.

Individuals with mental health conditions deserve a treatment program that respects their individual dignity, sovereignty as a person, and allows one to live in the community amongst family members and peers, pursue employment opportunities, and thrive in educational institutions. Individuals struggling with their mental health deserve to be treated in the least restrictive environment possible, and one that gives them the opportunity to find fulfillment, peace, and joy!

Galen Hope image of people huggingWhen struggling with a mental health condition, asking the right questions and deciding where to seek help can feel like an overwhelming challenge. With so many treatment programs available, choosing the most clinically appropriate, reliable, and trustworthy program is a critical decision in your path to recovery.

At Galen Hope, we work with your unique circumstances to build a holistic treatment plan that is self-affirming and attuned to your needs while building on your strengths, addressing vulnerabilities, and being challenging when necessary. We are dedicated to providing a sanctuary to those in need.

Our treatment methods are designed to be individualized and innovative and our clinical staff is prepared to guide you through this important stage and set you on a path of prosperity, vitality, and mental wellness. Galen Hope ignites the fire of hope by inviting each person to heal in their own very special way.

The Galen Hope experience is unique in that the treatment milieu is comprised of other clients, staff at Galen Hope, and the community at large. It is the synergy of these three components that creates the backdrop for the sound clinical services and strong behavioral supports and expectations that lead to an unlocking of the mental illness and the unfolding of the healing process.

Image of Father talking with daughterGalen Hope offers care for a variety of circumstances and takes pride in creating a protocol that makes sense for each individual. Some of the individuals Galen Hope is particularly attuned to are:

  • Those who may be stepping up or down from residential or hospital settings.
  • Those who have received residential treatment but found that the care did not “stick” or translate into their home setting.
  • Those who can be safe when alone, and if not, are able to have case managers or family be alongside them during their treatment experience.
  • Those who may have family or friends who are willing to remain involved, supportive, and/or reside with the client during their treatment.

Galen Hope founders Drs. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Amy Boyers share a philosophy of “leaving no stone unturned,” an ability to work with clients labelled as “treatment refractory,” and to create an intimate and trusting bond with those they treat. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is known for her innovative, humane, and dignity-enhancing approach to care that is medically and psychiatrically thorough.

Galen Hope image of a heart in handsPaired with Dr. Boyers’s wisdom, experience (in multiple modalities including somatic experiencing and other trauma therapies, FBT, CBT, DBT, and behavioral medicine), and training in evidence-based interventions and practical mindedness, it was fertile ground to create this newest venture, Galen Hope.

It is these clinical strengths that have led both to earn the respect and confidence of clinicians and clients in the Miami area, across the U.S., and internationally. Having the willingness to help clients navigate the complexity of their experiences while simultaneously finding hope and joy in the small victories is their passion and vision for all clients of Galen Hope.

Galen Hope Treatment Offerings:
PHP, IOP with Intensive Care Management, Integrative Wellness Program, FBT Informed Treatment Available, Males with Eating Disorders

Patient Types Served:
Adults / Adolescents (age 16 and above)
Male & Female

Expressive Arts, Experiential Therapeutic Outings, ACT, DBT, CBT, Exposure Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, Community Integration, Multi-family Group, Psychiatric Interventions, Individualized Housing

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