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EDH Holiday Recovery Tips

Jacquelyn Ekern, the Founder of Eating Disorder Hope, shares 3 tips in the eating disorder video for maintaining ED Recovery during the holidays. These tips will help those in recovery enjoy the holidays by focusing on what matters most. Have a happy holiday season!

Expressing Eating Disorder: Journey to Recovery

Whether it is not knowing how to tell their story, fear of not being understood, or a reluctance to speak what cannot be spoken, many individuals with eating disorders have difficulty expressing themselves. Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery shares compelling stories of recovery that use two creative arts therapies- Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy. These therapies allowed the women whose stories are told to express themselves when words and traditional psychotherapy alone were not enough.

“Filmmaker David Alvarado manages to tell compelling, poignant tales without stooping to sensationalization. The stories gracefully convey the depth to which we must take our clients, as well as to infuse the stories with hope and beauty.” Anita Johnston, Ph.D. CEDs, Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon

“My tears did not stop until moments after the film was over. I wished I could have received the treatment I saw delivered in this film.” Audrey Albert King, MA, R-DMT, CMA

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