Online Conference Presenter – Mallory Mann, Ph.D.

Eating Disorder Hope Online Conference II:
Anorexia Hope & Healing in 2018

“International Overview of Anorexia Nervosa & Co-Occurring Issues”

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Topic – Coaching Female Athletes: Body Image, Femininity and Anorexia

Mallory MannMallory Mann, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Pacific Lutheran University

Dr. Mallory Mann is an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). Among other courses at PLU, Dr. Mann teaches Coaching Effectiveness and Body Image. Her education and training is in both sport psychology and sport sociology.Dr. Mann is also a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Helping students and clients value their unique qualities and become their best selves is a cornerstone of Dr. Mann’s teaching and applied work.

Prior to PLU, Dr. Mann coached women’s basketball at both the NCAA Division I and Division III level. In addition, she has worked with youth and college athletes as well as teams regarding mental skills training in five different varsity sports.As a scholar, her interests focus on gender issues and coaching effectiveness. Among her publications and presentations relating specifically to body image, Dr. Mann is currently co-writing a book to help coaches develop body positive team climates. This project remains both a professional and personal life goal.

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