Online Conference Presenter – Amanda Schlitzer Tierney, MS, CSCS

Eating Disorder Hope Online Conference II:
Anorexia Hope & Healing in 2018

“International Overview of Anorexia Nervosa & Co-Occurring Issues”

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McCallum Place

Topic – Elite athletes and Anorexia Nervosa: What Coaches, Trainers, Administrators & Parents Need to Know

Amanda Schlitzer Tierney, MS, CSCS – Strength and Conditioning Coach at McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers

Amanda Schlitzer Tierney is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at McCallum Place. She holds her Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Lock Haven University and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. Amanda is currently the Co-Chair of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology: Eating Disorder Special Interest Group.

Amanda has been working with athletes and non-athletes with eating disorders since 2006. Over the years, Amanda gained a wide-range of knowledge for this specialized population and found her true passion: helping individuals incorporate balanced exercise into the recovery environment.

Amanda’s goal as a Strength and Conditioning Coach is working with individuals to help identify unhealthy exercise thoughts and behaviors and supporting them in redefining their relationship with fitness. She aims to help her patients find a balance between challenging the body and bringing the fun back to exercise. She encourages listening to one’s body cues and adequate fueling to maintain a healthy body and mind. Amanda’s target reaches beyond the patient and she strives to educate athletes, teams, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, and sport medicine personnel on how work with this specialized population.

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Eating Disorder Hope Webinar – October 27, 2016:

Special Considerations in the Treatment of Athletes With Eating Disorders

The Victory Program:

The Victory Program

The Victory Program is the first athlete-specific intensive eating disorder treatment facility specifically designed to treat athletes, with other athletes, who are seeking support to address their eating disorders. One of the major advantages of treating athletes with eating disorders together is that they can be provided with strategies for dealing with the special risks that have contributed to their disorders—risks that they will likely have to effectively manage if they choose to return to sport after treatment.

Why are many athletes at increased risk for developing eating disorders? Athletes have the same risk factors for developing eating disorders as non-athletes (societal pressures, family history, perfectionism, etc.). In addition, athletes have unique physical and energy demands related to significant energy expenditure and sport training. Athletes also have risk factors that are related to aspects of the sport environment or that may be unique to a particular sport.

The Victory Program is designed for competitive male and female athletes with eating disorders. Domestic and international athletes from a variety of sports, seek treatment at the Victory Program for its unique treatment philosophy, athlete-focused group and individual programing, and specially trained staff. Some athletes seeking treatment within the Victory Program desire to return to sport after treatment while others determine that it would not be appropriate to return to a competitive sport environment. Victory staff are adept at helping athletes, families, and sport personnel to navigate special considerations to best support and individual’s health and recovery after discharging from treatment.

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