Online Conference Presenter – Nicholas R. Farrell, Ph.D.

“Virtual Hope for Eating Disorder Recovery”

This conference was created in honor of our wonderful Founding Members of Eating Disorder Hope.  Our Members are invited to attend all Eating Disorder Hope Conferences, Events and Support Groups at no charge.


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“Unique Features and Effective Strategies in Treating Males with Eating Disorders”

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Dr. Nicholas R. Farrell, Ph.D. – Rogers Memorial Hospital

Dr. Nicholas R. Farrell, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who directs and supervises the treatment of patients in eating disorder programs at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Dr. Farrell specializes in the use of empirically-supported cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment strategies that are used to help patients in our eating disorders programs.

Additionally, Dr. Farrell is a regular contributor to scientific research on the effectiveness and dissemination of CBT for eating, anxiety, and mood disorders and has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Farrell has been the gracious recipient of federal grant funding to study the role of social stigma in the context of eating disorders.


Binge Eating Disorder & Co-morbid Health Concerns of Obesity
The average person may think that eating three pieces of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving qualifies as a binge, but binge eating disorder (BED) is much more serious than that. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, BED is the most common eating disorder in the U.S., affecting 3.5% of women, 2% of men and up to 1.6% of adolescents.

Christmas season decorationsMindfulness and Holidays: Key to Maintaining Recovery From Eating Disorders
Each year, many families anticipate holidays filled with family, friends – and food. Unfortunately for people recovering from an eating disorder, the holidays can create increased anxiety as they contemplate celebratory parties and dinners that often center on festive dishes.

Family Smiling After Eating Disorder TreatmentEating Disorders Can Impact Family Dynamics
From the first day a patient enters an eating disorder program at Rogers Memorial Hospital, the family is a critical component of therapy. Families are vital to the recovery process because they will be the patient’s support when they leave the hospital.