Treating Eating Disorders in a Community For Integrated Wellness

We provide the treatment of eating disorders with true expertise, principled approaches, ethical care, authenticity, and flexibility in order to maximally improve patient outcomes.

At Galen Hope, we are dedicated to providing a sanctuary to those in need.

Our treatment methods are designed to be individualized and innovative.

Galen Hope is particularly suited to those with eating disorders who traditionally do not “fit in” with the services provided by the majority of institutions and programs that currently treat eating disorders.

Due to the extremely flexible and individualized nature of the care at Galen Hope, we are able to help individuals and their families recover outside of a traditional eating disorder center.



Individuals with eating disorders deserve a treatment program that respects their individual dignity, sovereignty as a person, and allows one to live in the community amongst family members and peers, pursue employment opportunities, and thrive in educational institutions.


Our clinicians have created and implemented innovative and compassionate care to individuals with eating disorders of all ages, diagnoses, and symptom severity.


Individuals struggling with their mental health deserve to be treated in the least restrictive environment possible, and one that gives them the opportunity to find fulfillment, peace and joy!


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Our mission is to profoundly impact the lives of those who experience eating disorders and mental health conditions.

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