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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

Hearts for Love Contributor: Staff at Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment Center Major calendar events, including holidays like the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, are when people typically indulge in high-calorie foods and sweet treats. People often celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a fancy dinner or baking decadent desserts. This can prove stressful for those who [...]
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Understanding Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Contributor: Staff at McCallum Place Many people turn to food for comfort in times of stress, sadness, and anger. However, emotional eating habits like this only provide temporary relief and can quickly be followed by more negative emotions, like shame and guilt. This unhealthy cycle can cause emotional eaters to feel powerless when it comes to [...]
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Adolescents Who Have Eating Disorders Are at High Risk for Developing Co-Occurring Illnesses

teen sitting by lake with depression Years of research has shown that adolescents who have an eating disorder are at high risk for developing a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Years of research has shown that it’s not uncommon for adolescents who have an eating disorder to develop other mental health concerns. Left untreated, this can significantly impact their overall [...]
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Binge Eating Disorder and Stress: Learning Relaxation Techniques

Stress and its effects on health are many. Most of us know this from experience, and can remember a time when worry about a job or relationship led to feelings of panic, insomnia, or a stomach ache. Stressful events lead to the production of hormones (cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine) associated with a “fight-or-flight” response. A [...]
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Anorexia Recovery and Overcoming Physical Side Effects of an Eating Disorder

Contributor: Margherita Mascolo, MD at ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health Anorexia nervosa is characterized by low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight, distorted body image, and an extreme focus on shape, weight, and size. It carries the highest death rate of any psychiatric illness, and its complications are a direct [...]
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