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Featured Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Featured centers for the treatment of eating disorders have been carefully reviewed by Eating Disorder Hope. Each facility is a recognized expert in providing treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or other disordered eating. These treatment clinics have “virtual brochures” – full page program overviews and pictures of their facilities, to help you better understand the nuances of each program and create a list of eating disorder treatment centers to contact and begin the journey to recovery.

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center

Timberline Knolls Campus Lemont, Illinois ~ Holistic, Individualized Eating Disorder Treatment for Women and Girls Timberline Knolls is one of the leading residential treatment centers for anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating, and other body image and eating disorders. We specialize in holistic, individualized eating disorder treatment for adult women and adolescent girls (ages 12 and up).

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  • The Center, A Place of HOPE

    A Place of Hope's Founder:  Dr. Gregg Jantz Edmonds, Washington ~ Hope…Help…Healing The Center, A Place of HOPE offers a  whole-person approach to counseling and helps individuals reach permanent success over eating disorders. Our emphasis is on Emotional Balance, Intellectual Discovery, Relational Healing, Physical Wellness, Nutritional Support, and Spiritual Renewal.

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    Remuda Ranch

    Remuda Ranch property Wickenburg, Arizona ~ Inpatient and Residential Treatment for Women, Adolescents and Children Remuda Ranch provides inpatient and residential treatment for women, adolescents and children struggling with anorexia, bulimia, OCD and related issues. Our programs are designed to eliminate eating disordered behaviors, regain patient health, and get every individual on the road to recovery.

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    River Centre Clinic

    River Centre Clinic building Sylvania, Ohio ~ Compassionate care backed by years of research The River Centre Clinic has provided extraordinary and affordable care for more than 15 years. Our Adult Partial Hospitalization Program and our Adolescent Residential Program have achieved excellent outcomes and proven that inpatient treatment is rarely necessary for most patients with serious eating disorders.

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    New Dawn Treatment Centers

    Sausalito BuildingSausalito, California ~ Integrated Solutions for Wellness and Recovery New Dawn offers Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Program for eating disorders with a Treatment Guarantee. Each level of care utilizes a multidisciplinary approach with individualized treatment plans that address the medical, psychological, nutritional, and interpersonal needs of each patient.

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     Reasons Eating Disorder Center

    Reasons Living Room - 201x135 - 4-11-14

    Rosemead, California ~ Reasons for Recovery Reasons Eating Disorder Center was founded on the belief that healing transcends treatment. Our team of expert staff is focused on providing the highest quality treatment for anorexia, bulimia, and related forms of disordered eating. Reasons offers the full continuum of care including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. At Reasons Eating Disorder Center, our mission is to help you find your own reasons to hope, to have courage, to trust, and to grow.

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    Cedar Springs Austin

    Rock fountain Austin, Texas ~ Austin area’s only day hospital specializing in eating disorders. Cedar Springs Austin specializes in the comprehensive care of anorexia, bulimia and related eating disorders for female and male adults and adolescents.  Guided by an experienced and nationally recognized leadership team. Our treatment programs are designed to disrupt the eating disorder behaviors while addressing the underlying causes of the eating disorder.

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  •  Rader Programs

    Rader Programs for Eating Disorder Treatment

    Oxnard, California and Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ It’s Not Your Fault. You’re Not Alone. We Can Help. With professional support, lifelong recovery and freedom from an eating disorder can be achieved. The key to recovery is to understand the cause of the self-destructive behavior and to acquire the tools to facilitate the necessary changes. Offering Inpatient, daycare, outpatient and continuing care.

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    Eating Disorder Services of Rogers Memorial Hospital

    Eating Disorder Services of Rogers Memorial Hospital building Wisconsin: Oconomowoc, Milwaukee, Madison ~ Specialized treatment programs for children, teens, men and women struggling with: anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders and co-occurring anxiety disorder. We offer three levels of treatment including:  Residential care, inpatient stabilization and partial hospitalization.  Our flexible lengths of stay and individualized treatment plans benefit you and your family. You can find the level of treatment you need in the many programs and facilities at Rogers.

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    The Renfrew Center

    Exterior View of Building on Hill Nationwide ~ Renfrew provides clinical excellence within a nurturing environment—empowering women to change their lives Since its founding in 1985, The Renfrew Center has been a pioneer in eating disorder treatment and research. The country’s first residential facility, Renfrew was designed exclusively to give women the tools they need to succeed — in recovery and in life.

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    ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health

    he ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders Denver, Colorado ~ Medical stabilization and expert care for the most critically ill eating disorder patients. The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders offers comprehensive stabilization and expert care for the most medically ill eating disorder patients in the country. ACUTE treats both males and females who cannot seek care in a traditional inpatient or residential treatment facility due to the severity of their weight loss or other medical complications.

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    Castlewood Treatment Center

    Pathway with flowers and treesSaint Louis, Missouri ~ More Care, More Commitment, More Lasting Recovery Castlewood Treatment Center in Saint Louis, Missouri is a Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center offering compassionate, professional treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive over-eating and binge eating disorders. Castlewood accepts both male female clients age 16 and above.

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    Montecatini Treatment Center Exterior - 4-9-14Carlsbad, California ~ Eating Disorder treatment in a compassionate, home-like setting We at Montecatini, understand and recognize the tremendous courage it takes to face recovery and know how difficult this decision can be. We are also familiar with all the rewards and freedom you will find as you move along in your journey toward recovery with us. At Montecatini we strive to provide a positive, respectful, and culturally sensitive environment that will give you “real life challenges” and experiences.

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    Center for Hope of the Sierras

    Center for Hope of the Sierras - Front of House 200x134 - 4-10-14Reno, Navada ~ Clinical excellence and compassionate care Center for Hope (CHS), located 30 minutes away from beautiful Lake Tahoe in Reno, NV, offers comprehensive care to adolescent and adult males and females suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, eating disorder not otherwise specified, binge eating disorder and other related and co-occurring diagnoses. We are also proud to offer a specialty residential track for co-occurring diabetes mellitus and an eating disorder. CHS offers evidence-based and compassionate treatment in beautiful, home-like settings.

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    Carolina House

    Carolina House - Durham Center - 200x125 - 4-10-14Durham, North Carolina ~ Compassionate, Comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment in a Home-Like Setting Since 2006 Carolina House has provided eating disorder treatment programs for women 17 and older. We also help men who are struggling with an eating disorder. We have are at the forefront of the latest research and technological developments in the field of eating disorder treatment. We believe that men and women can attain freedom from habitual self-defeating behaviors like disordered eating.

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    The Eating Disorder Treatment Program at SeaSide Palm Beach

    Eating Disorder Treatment Progarm at SeaSide Palm Beach Palm Beach, Florida ~ Specialty of Dual Diagnosis ~ Eating Disorder Chemical Dependency The Eating Disorder Treatment Program at SeaSide Palm Beach specializes in helping individuals who suffer from a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, which is when an individual suffers simultaneously from both a psychiatric disorder (like an eating disorder) as well as a substance abuse problem (like alcohol abuse or drug abuse).

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    Monte Nido Eating Disorder Centers

    House Center with Bushes & FlowersMalibu, California ~ We are Innovative and Unique Eating and exercise disorders are progressive and debilitating illnesses requiring medical, nutritional and psychological intervention. Individuals suffering from these disorders often need a structured environment to achieve recovery.  Our philosophy and environment inspires people to commit to overcoming obstacles that are interfering with the quality of their lives.

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    Laureate Eating Disorders Program

    view of Laureate Hospital from Lake Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ The Road To Recovery Begins Here The Laureate Eating Disorders program offers a full continuum of care for eating disorder recovery, including acute hospitalization, partial hospitalization, residential care, transitional living and outpatient services.  A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, therapist, dietitians and nurses collaborate daily to meet the individual needs of each patient in a safe, supportive environment.

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    Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

    People talking in front of buildingWickenburg, Arizona ~ Recovery Starts Today Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders provides comprehensive, integrated eating disorder treatment for female and male adults and adolescents that struggle with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other related issues, and co-occurring disorders.

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    UF Health Eating Disorder Recovery Center

    Courtyard - 1-29-14Gainesville, Florida ~ The Journey to Recovery Begins Here Our goal is to promote a life changing experience while providing a safe, positive and therapeutic environment for all of our patients. We are in the quiet community of Gainesville in north central Florida at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital. Our team of doctors, therapists, nurses and other clinical staff specialize in eating disorders with co-occurring addictions.

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     The Eating Disorders Program at Brandywine Hospital

    Art Therapy Session - 1-30-14Coatesville, Pennsylvania ~ Personalized Healing A Reputation for Excellence Brandywine Hospital was the first Eating Disorders Program of its kind in Chester County and in the region. We are among very few in the country to address both the psychological and medical aspects of these disorders. We help discover the issues that underlie and sustain the eating disorder and help participants and families find better ways of managing symptoms.

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    Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment

    I Dream of a World - 200x129 - 2-10-14Long Beach, California ~ Where We Integrate Recovery with Life The Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment has been helping both men and women effectively attain healing from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder since 1995. Our eating disorder experts are experienced and highly trained, and they deliver our personalized and compassionate programs.

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     Rebecca’s House

    Dr Jones & HorseLake Forest, California ~ Best Eating Disorder Treatment Program What about us? We at Rebecca’s House believe a successful recovery should address and heal the, mind, body, feelings, emotions, family, work and purpose. To meet these goals, we use an excellent and all-inclusive approach with our clients, and we feel we have created the best eating disorder treatment program available. Rebecca’s House first implements psychotherapy and medication management help to address the mind, body, feelings and emotions. In addition, nutrition, healthy levels of exercise, and fun also repair and support health in these areas.

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     Eating Recovery Center

    Eating Recovery Center leaders: Drs. Weiner & Bishop Denver, Colorado ~ Lasting Behavioral Change and Sustained Long Term Recovery Eating Recovery Center provides a full spectrum of services for children, adolescents and adults that includes Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services.

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    Center For Change

    The Center for Change Orem, Utah At Center for Change we treat adolescent and adult women struggling with eating disorders and we provide a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach to treating the whole person. We believe that everyone has the ability for a complete and full recovery.

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    Eating Recovery Center of California

    Summit Building and Pond Sacramento and Fresno, California A multidisciplinary team of professionals oversees outpatient levels of care for adults and adolescents, including a seven day-per-week Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program and flexible outpatient programming.

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    The Moore Center

    Sitting Area with Fire PlaceBellevue, Washington The Moore Center’s medically-supervised treatment program serves male and female adolescents (13-18) and adults (19 and older) with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating. Cutting-edge medical, psychiatric, psychological and nutritional interventions are delivered through a continuum of care that includes Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services.

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    Reconnect with Food® at Inner Door Center®

    Ladies doing yoga Royal Oak, Michigan ~ Mindfulness-Based Yoga Reconnect with Food® comprehensive eating disorder treatment program at Inner Door Center® has gained national attention through our mindfulness yoga-based treatment uniquely intertwined with traditional therapy.  We offer a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, outpatient therapy and many support groups.

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    Eating Disorder Center of Denver

    EDC Treatment TeamDenver, Colorado ~ Empowering Individuals to Overcome Eating Disorders Eating Disorder Center of Denver (EDC-D) is one of the nation’s foremost centers for the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders. EDC-D is committed to empowering individuals 18 years of age and older suffering with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and related disorders to help them achieve and sustain recovery.

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    Insight Behavioral Health Centers

    Guest Area 200x110 - 2-23-14Chicago, Illinois ~ Professional Treatment for Eating, Mood and Anxiety Disorders Insight helps people get better from behaviors, moods and thoughts that hurt through a group of mental health specialists gathered together in a commitment to healing.  Insight delivers an inclusive variety of treatment outside the hospital setting, and it is an outpatient treatment center where clients find hope, healing and the latest methods of recovery.

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    OSF St. Francis Eating Disorders Program

    OSF St Francis Medical Center - Main HospitalPeoria, Illinois ~ Providing eating disorder care for patients ages 9 and older  For twenty years, our Eating Disorders Program has been providing care for patients ages 9 and older with eating disorders, thanks to our comprehensive team of psychotherapists, registered nurses, occupational therapists, physicians and registered dietitians.

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    Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center Eating Disorder Program

    Loma Linda University LogoRedlands, California At Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, our eating disorder program will provide you or your loved one with the structure and care necessary to improve the individual’s quality of life. Eating disorders are progressive and debilitating illnesses requiring medical, nutritional and psychological intervention.  An individual suffering from an eating disorder often requires a structured environment to achieve recovery.

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