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Texas Eating Disorder Therapists, Counselors & Specialists

Eating Disorder Hope has put together a list of Texas eating disorder therapists into a single directory.

Specialists who treat bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, orthorexia, or other forms of disordered eating in their practice include:

  • Eating disorder therapists (also known as eating disorder counselors, or eating disorder psychologists) : Provide regular therapy sessions and may practice more specific forms of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), family-based therapy, or other proven treatments for eating disorders. An eating disorder therapist may also treat co-occurring disorders in their practice.
  • Registered dietitians : Create and maintain a balanced meal plan, and take part in Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Eating disorder psychiatrists : Prescribe medications and manage drug therapy
  • Physicians who specialize in treating eating disorders : Oversee core medical complications that arise from eating disorders (such as heart palpitations, muscle atrophy, chronic migraines, etc.)

Men and women with eating disorders typically create a dedicated treatment team made of an eating disorder counselor, a dietitian, psychiatrist, and physician. This level of comprehensive treatment has been proven to be the most successful method of fighting and recovering from an eating disorder.

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  • Our specialist directory of eating disorder counselors is organized to quickly tell you:

    • Name, Location & Contact Information
    • Treatment Setting : Whether the therapist or counselor conducts individual, couples, family, or group therapy sessions
    • Types of Patients Served : Adolescents and / or Adults, Men and / or Women
    • Therapies available : The core eating disorder therapies the practitioner uses; CBT, Medical Nutrition Therapy, DBT, etc.


    Eating Disorder Therapists & Specialists in TX

    Name / InfoTreatment SettingPatient Types ServedTherapies Available
    Nutrition Paradox
    Jennifer Pereira, RD, LD, CSCS
    1521 N. Cooper Street, Suite 202
    Arlington, TX 76011
    Phone: (800) 789-7703
    Website: Jennifer Pereira
    Individual, GroupAdults / Adolescents
    Males / Females
    Nutrition Counseling
    Dana Turnbull, Ph.D.
    1912 Central Dr., Ste A
    Bedford, TX 76021
    Phone: 817-571-2899
    website: Dana Turnbull, Ph.D.
    Family, Couple, IndividualAdults / Adolescents
    Males / Females
    Kathryn Fink, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
    1110 Cottonwood Lane, Suite L200
    Irving, TX 75038
    phone: (214) 850-9573
    Website: Kathryn Fink
    Private practice with IndividualsAdults
    Males / Females
    Nutrition Counseling
    Carla Garber, Ph.D.
    4200 S. Hulen St. #318
    Fort Worth Texas 76109
    phone: (817) 732-5290 or (817) 732-3258
    Website:Dr. Carla Garber
    Rachel Eddins, LPC-S
    1501 Crocker Street, Suite One (2nd floor)
    Houston, TX 77019
    Phone: 832-209-2222
    Fax: 713-630-0821
    Website: Rachel Eddins
    Individual, Family, Group Therapies, Group Counseling, Phone / Email CounselingAdults / Adolescents
    Males / Females
    CBT, ACT, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Intuitive eating approach
    Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, MA, LPC
    821 W. 11th Street
    Austin, Texas, 78701
    Phone: 254.702.1191
    Individual, Family, Group TherapiesAdults / Adolescents
    Males / Females
    CBT, DBT
    Lisa Bazil, Ph.D., P.C.
    Clinical Psychology
    1701 River Run, Suite 700
    Fort Worth, TX 76107
    phone: 817-882-8880
    Private practice with IndividualsN/AN/A
    Intervention Professional
    Jerry L. Law, D.Min., M-RAS, CIP, BCPCC
    2164 E. Broadway Road
    Tempe, Arizona 85282
    Phone: 480-774-7673
    Website: Jerry Law
    Individual Private Practice,
    Family Therapy, and
    Group Counseling
    Adults / Adolescents / Children
    Male & Female
    Interventions, CBT

    Premier Eating Disorder Therapists

    Jennifer Pereira, RD, LD, CSCS

    I am a licensed RD, LD, CSCS. I am happy to provide nutrition counseling, both online as well as locally in my private practice. I also offer group classes in my private practice. My office is located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in Arlington, Texas.

    Dana Turnbull, Ph.D.

    I am a licensed psychologist in private practice on the National Register for Health Service Psychologists, treating the full eating disorder spectrum primarily via individual cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. I also offer family & couples counseling. While many disorders are symptomatically similar, individuals require unique approaches.

    I enjoy developing individualized treatment plans with my clients, who then take learned skills into the real world for practice. Clients and I then utilize any feedback to minimize undesired & maximize desired outcomes.

    Most of us earn our self-esteem through behavior. Practiced behavior optimizes results, so I often assign homework. I work with some clients on a long-term basis, though most of my work is short-term and solution-focused. I also have specialized training in psychopharmacology & behavioral medicine.




    Carla Garber, Ph.D.

    Individual and family counseling for those dealing with disordered eating. Team approach (with a Registered Dietician). Twenty years experience. Member: Academy for Eating Disorders, ANAD, EDAP. Special interests: body image and the media.

    817- 732-5290
    817- 732-3258



    Kathryn Fink, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

    Kathryn teaches clients to conquer emotional issues with food and weight by learning healthy ways to address weight and nutritional concerns. A gifted teacher and motivator, she has helped hundreds of clients find positive ways to deal with life challenges so that food does not become the solution for every obstacle.

    As senior nutritionist for a mental health facility, and previous dietitian for Renfrew Eating Disorder Center, Kathryn understands the food and mood connection and assists groups in separating food and feelings, while educating about balanced eating to improve both mental and physical health. Kathryn blends her nutritional expertise with personal trainer certification and American Dietetic Association’s Certified Sports Specialist Dietitian credential to help clients lead lives which balance food and exercise.

    She received the American Dietetic Association’s prestigious award Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year and is a nutrition professor. Kathryn’s a high-energy speaker, spokesperson and media personality who’s been quoted in dozens of health and fitness publications, speeches, workshops and media appearances. She’s also a frequent contributor to professional publications and textbooks.



    Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, MA, LPC

    Chelsea Fielder-Jenks, MA, LPC, provides outpatient services for individuals, groups, and families at her private practice in Austin, Texas. Chelsea takes a holistic approach to counseling that considers biological, psychological, environmental, and cultural aspects of clients’ lives.

    Chelsea works primarily from a Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy framework. She helps adolescents, young adults, and their families build a stronger relationship and a life worth living, together. Chelsea helps adolescents and young adults navigate the sometimes rocky transition to adulthood that can be even further complicated when struggling with anxiety, depression, and/or an eating disorder.

    Chelsea is an advocate for special issues such as eating disorders and weight stigma. She is active in professional and non-profit organizations including the American Counseling Association, the Texas Counseling Association, the National Eating Disorder Association, and Austin Eating Disorders Specialists.


    **Chelsea has been awarded Expert Writer status on Eating Disorder Hope.  Some of her articles can be viewed at Binge Eating Disorder & Anxiety, Bulimia in Athletes,  The Pressure to Compete.

    Jerry L. Law, D.Min., M-RAS, CIP, BCPCC  – Intervention Professional

    Jerry is a veteran of 20 years in the corporate world, and his strong leadership and organizational skills lend themselves naturally to the intervention process. Dr. Law is a Board Certified Interventionist as well as a Master Certified Drug, Alcohol and Addictions Counselor. In recovery himself, Jerry brings compassion and a first-hand understanding about how critical it is to break the cycle of eating disorders and addictions in the professional world as well as within the family. He is committed to bringing recovery and healing to suffering individuals and their families


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