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Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

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Rebecca Lobby PictureAt Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs, a division of 21st Century Wellness, Inc., we recognize there is no single description or manifestation of an eating disorder. What we do know is it is a debilitating illness that not only effects the person suffering, but their family members and it can have serious – even fatal consequences.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment Programs offer multiple levels of care including Extended Care Treatment (EC); Partial Day Treatment (PDT/PHP); Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Recovery Living (RL).

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Our program allows each individual to begin their healing and recovery in an appropriate level identified by a comprehensive set of initial assessments that helps us meet each client where they are in their resistance or their recovery.

Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs and it’s exemplary treatment team combines excellence in treatment with the understanding that each individual will face unique challenges as they move through our treatment phases to create a life free of the all-consuming focus that life with an eating disorder demands.



Our clients tend to choose Eating Disorder Treatment Programs when there has been some interruption with life, health, emotional wellness, or simply an overload in tolerating the constancy in managing the chronic compulsions of the eating disorder itself. This is an important phase for the beginning of new emotional growth, which in awareness allows for change.


You cannot change what you do not know needs changing. Through discovery comes awareness. Awareness is the place you begin to truly know and connect with who you are and begin to create a path to your highest imaginable life.


Rebecca on the grass groupLiving a full and happy life takes action. Through your own involvement and participation in your health and nutrition, your emotional and mental healing, and by developing your recovery support and community involvement you will truly begin to live into your dreams. With Awareness comes the call to action.

Responsibility and Commitment

Sustainable recovery is dependent on a sense of purpose. Purpose is bound by responsibility and commitment. The goal is balance in purpose.


This phase includes active pursuit of continued growth. Each client leaves out program with a plan for continued care. For the Renewal phase that would include workshop attendance for areas that the client still is seeking healing or deepening.

With our comprehensive treatment offerings including group and individual therapies, expressive therapies, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Spirituality, Mindful Eating, Nutrition, Yoga, Guided Imagery, Life skills, Relapse Prevention, Academic and Vocational Consultation life skills, you are equipped with all you need to live the life you were meant to live.

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