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Aloria Health

Aloria Health Dining HallMore than treatment – Eating Disorder Care for Adult Men and Women

The journey that brings you to Aloria Health is unique to you. You are more than your diagnosis and more than your past. We at Aloria Health welcome all of you.

Aloria Health is built on the capacity to dream. To ask, what have you always wanted? What is possible? What can happen if you imagine? While the qualities of dreaming are not easily captured in words, they can be realized. Aloria Health is evidence of the intrinsic benefit of dreaming big.

At Aloria Health, we ensure our care addresses the underlying causes of eating disorder symptoms, behaviors, and related issues. We provide care for men and women with food and body related issues, co-occurring disorders, and the following eating disorder diagnoses:

  • Anorexia
  • Binge eating disorders
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Bulimia
  • Compulsive overeating
  • Orthorexia

We address the medical, emotional, and nutritional needs of each client and believe that successful care is exhibited when a client demonstrates an increased capacity to tolerate the present moment and the associated sensory information.

Levels of Care.

Aloria Health Group YogaWe are invested in conversations throughout the continuum of care; by listening, we hope to create lasting collaborations with clients, communities and institutions.

Intensive Outpatient

A balance of flexibility and integration.
The recovery process is integrated into the realities of daily life. Clients can stay connected to outside activities while participating in our programs from 3 to 5 days per week.

PHP/Day Treatment

Aloria Health Shared RoomA balance of self-discovery and group support.
Clients take part in an 8.5 hour program that focuses on the transitions of life and their effects on self-perception and self-actualization.


A balance of structure and development.
Clients are provided with the needed structure to support their developing awareness of personal choice, option and change.
Our 7-day a week programming mirrors the progress of life, flow of a day and rhythm of a week.

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The Location.

Aloria Health BedroomCare at Aloria Milwaukee is provided within a 60,000 square foot space located within the heart of Milwaukee. This location’s proximity to local establishments enables us to provide you with real life opportunities to put into action what you are learning.

The Process.

In our admissions process, we make decisions together – with you and with others who share your journey: Family, friends and medical professionals. Answering your questions. Explaining our programs. Presenting our approach to creating comprehensive care plans within a continuum of care. Exposing oneself to receiving care with others is a vulnerable and empowering process that we begin by being available. The necessity for transparency allows the therapeutic relationship to grow.

Our confidential assessment considers:

  • Your medical history.
  • Your life journey.
  • Social and cultural contexts.
  • Insurance coverage and financial situation.

For admissions call: 888-924-1266

Aloria Health Session-RoomFollowing admission, you will experience care from professionals who value individuality and are comfortable with complexity. Aloria Health programs offer many ways to experience, process, express and integrate care into daily life.

Our programs align with the evolutions of neuro-science, somatic and sensory experience, process addictions, trauma recovery, nutrition, experiential and expressive modalities. We provide group and individual programming that integrates the following approaches:

  • Verbal and non-verbal processing
  • Discovering food and meal support
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Dietetics
  • Psychiatry
  • Nursing
  • Wellness
  • Creative Self-Expression

You are more than your eating disorder diagnosis. You are a person looking toward the future; a friend, a neighbor; we are here. Using an approach that includes more than treatment, we give people the tools needed to become their best selves.

For more information, please contact Aloria Health today at 888-924-1266 or visit


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