Cielo House Moss Beach

Cielo House is a unique residential program that emphasizes the use of our beautiful natural surroundings to create a treatment community that treats the whole person and instills in them a sense of autonomy to achieve a sustainable recovery well after the graduate from treatment. Utilizing a powerful mixture of skills-based and experiential therapies, Cielo House provides a formula for recovery for all different types of eating disorders and the associated mental health struggles that often arise alongside. With warm and caring staff, a sensible and flexible approach to treatment, Cielo House is not just a treatment center, it is a community of healing and recovery.

Cielo House Moss Beach Treatment Levels:
Residential, PHP, IOP

Patient Types Served:
Male and Female

CBT, DBT, ACT IPT, EFT, Trauma-Informed Treatment, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, EcoTherapy, Experiential Therapy, Nutrition Education, Yoga, Holistic Healing, Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Nutritional Counseling, Psychiatric Medication Management, Physician Medical Evaluation, Physician Medical Visits

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