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KellerLife BannerChandler, Arizona – Comprehensive, Compassionate, Faith-Based Residential Eating Disorder Treatment for Women To Heal the Body, Mind, and Spirit

KellerLife Center for Eating Disorders offers whole-person care in a residential treatment setting for women 18 and up. We treat women struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or other specified eating disorders, along with the co-occurring mood and anxiety disorders that often accompany an eating disorder.

At KellerLife, we believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible and that it takes treating the whole person to achieve it. With this end in mind, we offer treatment supported by a four-pronged philosophical approach grounded in Psychology, Biology, Sociology, & Spirituality.

Led by founder and former CEO of Remuda Ranch, Ward Keller, and his wife Carolyn Keller, KellerLife’s patient care team consists of other industry leaders and certified eating disorder specialists including medical, psychiatric, therapeutic, and nutritional professionals to comprise a team with more than 200 years of combined eating disorder treatment experience.

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Each patient will have a multidisciplinary team consisting of a primary care physician, psychiatrist, licensed therapist, dietician, and round-the-clock nursing. Patients will enjoy individual and group, as well as a variety of experiential therapies such as art and music therapy, trauma-informed yoga, gardening, biofeedback, and pet therapy. Dr. Kari Anderson, Executive Director, leads our clinical team in implementing a Restorative Model of Care, that emphasizes restoration from the inside out.

At KellerLife, you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect, every step of the way. Within the first days of treatment, a complete assessment and orientation process takes place. Our assessment process ensures our care plan reflects a truly custom treatment program. We understand that each person’s story is unique.

We don’t make any assumptions or create cookie cutter care plans. Our skill-based program is unique in that it is customized to the needs of each behavioral expression of the eating disorder.

A variety of therapeutic modalities may be utilized in programming, depending on patient need. We recognize that many women with eating disorders have backgrounds of trauma, and we approach all therapy from a place that is trauma-informed.

We also recognize that when a woman suffers from an eating disorder, her body is compromised, clearly confused, and needs restoration to health so that all biological systems are functioning in the best possible manner. With support from our primary care doctors, we identify any health issues that may be a consequence of the eating disorder and/or an obstacle to recovery. We will create a care plan to resolve these issues and create a path to healing.

We emphasize a mindful movement program to reconnect to the wisdom of the body as we seek to help you repair what is often a painful detachment as a way of coping – sometimes in the form of exercise compulsion and sometimes complete body avoidance. Our dietitians will work with you to restore a healthy relationship with food and at the same time restore the body to optimal metabolic and cellular health.

A hallmark at Keller Center is our commitment to Christian values, which guides us in all we do. While we provide women with opportunities to learn about and grow in a relationship with God, we welcome women of all religious beliefs and faith backgrounds.

We acknowledge that faith experiences can be varied both in a positive and negative way, depending on the individual. Our goal is to help each of our patients to reconnect, or perhaps for the very first time, connect with her spiritual life as a place of safety, empowerment, guidance, and peace. We believe that restoring faith is an essential aspect of long-lasting recovery, while simultaneously respecting that it is a personal choice.

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The KellerLife community is situated on a private, gated cul-de-sac within seven charming homes that Carolyn Keller, co-founder and interior designer, personally decorated. Her vision, to create a warm and comfortable environment, designed to facilitate the healing process, is woven throughout the 2.5-acre campus within each home and the surrounding grounds.

Each patient is assigned to a home with 5-8 other patients and a 24-7 staff member for support. Patients sleep, eat, meet for goal setting, meditation, prayer, and reflection to create general support for one another while not in program. This recovery “family” is an essential part of our treatment process.

KellerLife is committed to assisting you in sustaining recovery by offering a family week for those in your support network – to receive education and recovery support tools.

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Those who attend family week, can be family of origin members, or family by choice – whatever is most helpful in building an aftercare support team, which we believe is critical for sustainable recovery.

We also have dedicated family therapists; families are supported, educated, and lead through a structured process of restoration.

Toward the end of your treatment stay with us, we will begin preparing you for either your return home or a step down in treatment level, by transitioning you into a less structured, more exposure-based environment with programming aimed at building skills necessary for re-entering the “real” world.

This may include moving to our exposure-based transition home to offer exposure to food, technology, greater freedoms and choices.

Experiential outings off campus including shopping, restaurants, and public venues. Life skill preparations including meal planning, budgeting, job seeking or applications to school are available. Confirmation of aftercare providers and appointments take place during this stage.

We maintain contact, as well as offer resources post-discharge for every patient. We provide professional referrals and are dedicated to the support and education of our outpatient referral partners, so that our patients have a network of providers to continue with our restorative model of treatment.

We would be honored to be a part of your recovery journey. Wherever you are on the path, we will meet you there, and walk forward with you. At KellerLife, you will feel loved, cared for, and accepted every step of the way. Find Hope. Begin Healing. Embrace the life God intended.

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