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Bulimia Nervosa is a disorder where the individual binge eats and then takes compensatory measures to offset the possible weight gain or stuffed feeling of eating more than they are comfortable with. Sufferers of bulimia often engage in binging, purging, over-exercising, laxative, and diuretic abuse. Bulimia, as with all eating disorders, can be life-threatening. Learn more about this eating disorder on our Bulimia Treatment and Info page.

Professional treatment by eating disorder specialists is essential to finding recovery. Additionally, support groups can be a safe place to discuss and explore recovery. Check out our support group.

Bulimia Support Group Leader

Jessica Boghosian, ACSW – Clinical Therapist at Bright Road Recovery

Jessica Boghosian ImageJessica Boghosian, ACSW is a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker and a Clinical Therapist at Bright Road Recovery. She lives for the present moment and shares her warmth and joy at every chance she gets. Jessica currently works with individuals with eating disorders at various levels of care including Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient.

She also works with individuals with other mental health diagnoses at an outpatient level of care. She holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of New England and is currently working towards licensure. Jessica has worked across age groups in a variety of therapeutic settings and has offered individual and couples counseling in a rural community health setting.

Jessica’s love for her work with patients here at Bright Road Recovery is clear to see. She aims to meet each patient where they are at and walks beside them in their journey to recovery.

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***Please note this is a support group and not a substitute for therapy or professional eating disorder treatment.