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Online Conference Presenter – ProjectHEAL

Eating Disorder Hope’s Inaugural Online Conference

This conference was created in honor of our wonderful Founding Members of Eating Disorder Hope. Our Members are invited to attend all Eating Disorder Hope Conferences, Events and Support Groups at no charge.

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Giving Back in Recovery: Communities of HEALing

Kristina Saffran

Kristina Saffran, Liana Rosenman, Grace Patterson – ProjectHEAL
Title: Giving Back in Recovery: Communities of HEALing

Kristina Saffran is the co-founder and executive director of Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live: the largest non-profit in the US delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support to people suffering from eating disorders. Kristina and her cofounder Liana started HEAL at 15 years old in recovery from anorexia; they now have 40 chapters across the globe and have become the premier voice of recovery, with over 30k followers on Facebook and Instagram. Kristina was named a 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur, and has been profiled in The New York Times, Fast Company and People Magazine. She’s spoken across the country –Stanford Medical School, Harvard College, The International Conference of Eating Disorders, and more – on eating disorders, recovery, and launching a successful social entrepreneurship as a teen. Kristina graduated from Harvard College with a bachelors degree in psychology in May of 2014.

Liana Rosenman

Liana Rosenman is a co-founder of Project Heal. Project HEAL: Help to Eat, Accept and Live ( is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that raises money for people with eating disorders who are not able to afford treatment, promotes healthy body image and self-esteem, and encourages all people to believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. The founders of Project HEAL, Liana Rosenman, and Kristina Saffran, met while undergoing treatment for anorexia nervosa when they were just 15 years old. Liana currently works as a 5th grade NEST teacher in New York City and is earning her master’s degree in Special Education at Hunter College. She believes an education should empower a child and help him or her make a positive contribution to our world.

Grace Patterson

Grace Patterson is the Director of Communities of HEALing, Project HEAL’s brand new pilot program that connects those new in recovery to support and mentorship. An accomplished trainer, organizer, and strategist, Grace has supported hundreds of leaders in more than 15 countries, helping to develop their skills in intercultural engagement, strengthen their theories of impact, and effectively communicate their visions. Grace brings both her professional experience in program management and training, as well as her personal experience of the transformative power of being in community with those working toward active recovery from an eating disorder, to her work training the amazing Peer Mentors of Communities of HEALing.

Overview of Current Programs That Offer Scholarships For Treatment
Friends supporting each otherProject HEAL has grown tremendously over the past few years, primarily due to the grassroots growth of our chapters – people from all over the country at different stages of eating disorder recovery.

Overview of Current Programs That Offer Scholarships For Treatment
Woman looking for Eating Disorder ScholarshipsApproximately 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States alone struggle with eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder, and 90 percent of these individuals will not receive access to the treatment they need


Project Heal LogoProject HEAL at The Ohio State University
Project HEAL at The Ohio State University is a collegiate chapter of the national non-profit organization that raises funds to send individuals to eating disorder treatment. Since founding this chapter in April 2015, co-presidents Madison Swart and Maggie Griffin have forged meaningful partnerships with the Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team, Eating Recovery Center of Ohio, and The Center for Balanced Living, as well as many Ohio State departments and local companies.

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