Online Conference Presenter – Jerry Law

“Virtual Hope for Eating Disorder Recovery”

This conference was created in honor of our wonderful Founding Members of Eating Disorder Hope. Our Members are invited to attend all Eating Disorder Hope Conferences, Events and Support Groups at no charge.

“Breaking The Ties That Bind ….Intervening on a loved one in the grips of ED”

Jerry LawJerry L. Law, D. Min., MDAAC, CIP

Jerry L. Law is a veteran of 25 years in the corporate world, and his strong leadership and organizational skills lend themselves naturally to the intervention process. Dr. Law is a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, a Board Certified Intervention Professional and a Master Certified Drug Alcohol and Addictions Counselor. Jerry brings compassion and a first-hand understanding about how critical it is to break the cycle of addiction in the professional world as well as within the family.

Jerry believes in Interventions conducted with love, care and concern. Guiding the family with compassion, managing the circumstances through experience and helping the addicted individual reach out for recovery. He facilitates Interventions for Eating Disorders, Chemical Dependency and Process Addictions and has been named one of the Top Ten Interventionists in the United States by

Jerry currently serves as Director of Family Education and Leadership Training for Meadows Behavioral Healthcare where he is privileged to support family members while their love one is in treatment.

Dr. Law is also nationally known public speaker. Topics include Intervention, Addiction, Marriage and Family Issues, Communication Skills and others. He is a frequent presenter at conferences, treatment facilities and faith based organizations.

Intervention – Facts vs. Myths:

Woman taking part in therapy.Intervention – Facts vs. Myths
Over the past ten years, Americans have become much more familiar with the concept of staging an Intervention to encourage a loved one struggling with an eating disorder, drug and alcohol dependency and other compulsive behaviors to accept an offer for help.Regardless of the model, many myths abound regarding Intervention, so let’s briefly examine a few of them.

Successful Change

Interventions for Eating Disorders and Addictions