Eating disorder treatment that works – delivered at home

Our five-person provider care team promises lasting recovery for families at home.

Recovery is in reach


Dedicated 5-Person Team

Our eating disorder treatment facility provides integrated programs that address the underlying causes of eating disorders while also treating physical symptoms and nurturing a new, healthier relationship with food.

Build a Life Worth Living While Living Life

Equip's treatment is accessible, affordable, and fits around your family so your family doesn't have to fit life around treatment. 

Virtual By Design

Virtual care frees up time and resources for your family to pursue everyday activities and be invested in life -- through friendships, hobbies, and all that makes life worth living.

Recovery is possible and within reach

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We’ve been there. Equip was built by clinical experts in the eating disorder field and people in lasting recovery.

Family-Based Treatment (FBT), the evidence-based model for lasting recovery in young people, empowers family members to help their loved one through overcome their eating disorders.

Evidence-based treatment built to integrate with everyday life