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Tools to Maintain Eating Disorder Recovery During Transition

Girl studying abroad Whether expected or not, periods of transition present a new challenge to eating disorder recovery. During these times, typical coping skills may not be accessible, or one may be feeling increased stress that previously effective coping mechanisms are not helping with. Due to this, it is unsurprising that “stressful life events…are associated with disordered eating [...]
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Relapse: Why Eating Disorder Recovery is an Imperfect Journey

It is common for those struggling with eating disorders to experience difficulty with the concept of perfection. Many commit themselves to be “perfect” in their recovery, without relapse or setbacks, just as they attempted to be “perfect” in their disorder. Likewise, as many learned they could not be perfect in their disorder, they must also [...]
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Responding to an Eating Disorder Relapse

Girl in gloves fighting eating disorder relapse Contributor: Staff at Carolina House The most effective way to deal with any distressing or major event is to develop an action plan detailing how you will respond. Preparation can assist individuals in making more thoughtful decisions regarding their health, especially in the face of eating disorder relapse. While relapse is an unfortunate occurrence, each [...]
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